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ASUS, a leading global technology company, sought a solution to better understand its key consumer groups and deliver innovative mobile ad campaigns that would help drive qualified traffic to its retailers’ websites.

ASUS and its media agency My Media, partnered with Ogury to access unique, reliable mobile data insights to identify the idea consumers, and reach them with engaging mobile ad campaigns.


As an established consumer technology brand, ASUS has a wide range of products available. The brand needed help to uncover and engage its specific audience groups.

First, ASUS wanted to identify detailed persona profiles customized to each of its product verticals: gaming equipment, student computing and professional suite. And second, it wanted to engage these key audiences with compelling brand messages, that would increase traffic to its retailers’ websites. 

To achieve this, ASUS required an advertising technology solution that would enable it to understand and reach these ideal personas in a data-safe environment, and drive high-performance results through engaging mobile ad formats. 


ASUS and My Media partnered with Ogury to build three granular persona profiles that matched each of the brand’s key product verticals: eGamers, university students and B2B decision-makers. Using unique, reliable mobile data insights, Ogury analyzed user behavior and audience dynamics on the brand’s main retailers’ websites and apps (including Fnac, Darty and Boulanger). Ogury’s User Engagement solution was then used to deliver high-impact recommendation formats, before optimizing the campaign to site-centric KPIs to become the best performer among all ASUS’ activation partners.

Capitalizing on a long-term relationship and multiple activations, Ogury built unique reports that enabled the brand to inform its future ad strategy. Going beyond standard performance metrics, post-campaign Performer Profiles were provided to identify mobile users who engaged the most with the campaign. An impact survey was also delivered on an always-on approach to measure ad recall and provide unmatched visibility into campaign performance and impact. 


Running a total of 11 Ogury campaigns in 2019, ASUS was able to attract more than 7.1 million unique visitors to its product landing pages. A Performer Profile analysis run on Boulanger and La Fnac, two key retailer websites for ASUS, identified the most engaging profiles of each website and enabled a refined approach to the brand’s targeting strategies to be applied to future activations. This was one of the many key learnings that emerged from Ogury’s detailed activation reports. Through continuous efforts and strategy optimizations based on the impact survey and Performer Profiles, ASUS achieved up to 13.7% CTR. And one of the best performing campaigns achieved an average time spent on the landing page of 1min 40sec per user. 

The Ogury team provides us with excellent service and always successfully meets our marketing objectives. Performance-wise, Ogury delivers outstanding results on a regular basis, making it an important pillar in our communication campaign strategy. Furthermore, the granularity of its data also allows us to gain insightful information to better understand and address our target audiences. 

Jonathan Angel
Marketing and Communication Director, ASUS

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This month, meet Giulia, Field Marketing Manager for the LATAM and Southern Europe markets. Giulia comes from Italy, where she studied Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies in Milan.

Read on to learn more about Giulia’s journey to and at Ogury.

What lead you to become Field Marketing Manager, Southern Europe & LATAM at Ogury?

I’ve always had a big passion for foreign languages and writing, that’s why after a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies, I decided to take on journalism studies and started working for an Italian daily newspaper. Soon, I realized that what really interested me was the behind the scene of news, how companies create stories, and how they work with reporters. I changed my job and started managing the PR and activities of Amazon Italia. But that wasn’t enough: I was driven by the curiosity of working in (not for!) a big company, and fate brought me to meet Francesca Lerario, MD Italy at Ogury.

What excites you the most about working in Tech?

It’s proof that everything is possible. There is no other industry that shifts the way we live quite like the tech industry does. And Ogury is breaking new ground.

How did you come across your role at Ogury?

Francesca was looking for someone to support the marketing activities in the Italian market: budget management, events planning, and relationships with the press. I was in Jerusalem when Ogury called me to offer this position and today, I couldn’t be happier nor more fulfilled being an Ogurian. In one year I had the chance to meet and work together with many different people, departments, travel, and get in touch with other cultures.

Describe your role at Ogury and the types of projects your team focuses on.

As Field Marketing Manager of Southern Europe & LATAM, I support the Italian, Spanish, and Mexican Brand and Publisher teams in organizing events, localizing corporate documents, seasonal packages, and managing ad hoc requests. Thanks to my previous career in PR, I also support the PR team for the Italian market. I am very lucky because working with so many teams gives me an incredible overview of what happens in the company.

Giulia always finds a way to represent Ogury in style.

What is unique about Ogury compared to other companies you’ve worked for?

Everyone embodies at least one of the values on which Ogury is based. There is a strong sense of belonging and working all together with a common purpose. It makes me feel proud of being part of this global project.

Ogury employees embody (GRIT). How do you apply this core value to your work?

I am a very meticulous person and I am only satisfied when things are perfect. Perseverance and determination are the ingredients of my personal and professional success. Exactly what I need to reach my goals.

What do you enjoy most about LIFE AT OGURY?

First, the atmosphere. The strong sense of belonging and working together with a common purpose. Then, the cross-collaboration with different teams and cultures. At Ogury there are no secrets: there is transparency in the processes and team’s communication, no matter the status. Last but not least, the growth opportunity and meritocracy.

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We’re delighted to share the news that Ogury has been recognized in The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 and The Financial Times FT1000 list.

The Sunday Times International Track 200 ranks Britain’s mid-market private companies with the fastest-growing international sales, measured over their latest two years. We have hit the number 16 spot, which is a real honor considering the quality of those we’re listed against. 

Compiled with research company Statista, the FT1000 honors Europe’s fastest-growing companies in 2020. It lists the top companies that have achieved the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue between 2015 and 2018. 

Being recognized amongst Europe and Britain’s top fastest-growing companies in terms of growth rate and international sales is a huge honor. And further staples our ambition to establish a trusted digital advertising ecosystem driven by user choice. 

The digital advertising ecosystem is rapidly shifting. User choice, data privacy and traceable consent are taking center stage, strategically and legally. That’s why Choice Driven Advertising is being adopted by so many of the biggest brands in the world, to deliver industry-leading performance, while ensuring data safety.

Unlike many ad tech companies who are struggling to adapt to this shift towards Choice Driven Advertising, Ogury is different. Our company and technology has always put user choice front and center, and is built from the ground up on consented data. It’s this unique perspective that fuels our rapid growth. 

Validated by a $50m USD investment round raised in December 2019, we plan to accelerate our product innovation and international expansion, to lead the advertising industry shift from purely data-driven to consumer-choice first. 

We are extremely excited to see how this will progress through 2020.

For a deeper understanding of choice-driven advertising, get your free copy of An Introduction to Advertising Driven by User Choice today.