During the lockdown that accompanies the first part of the global COVID 19 pandemic, media consumption shot up. Much of that increased time was spent digesting content through our smartphones and mobile devices, since we’re all a lot more used to having them less than an arm’s reach away. But when is too much, too much? People are starting to feel burned out from all that screen time.

Digital fatigue is a term that’s been around for a few years to explain the phenomenon of burnout and exhaustion brought on by excessive time spent in front of screens. Not only is it real, it’s more acute than ever, thanks to shelter-in-place rules, which are only slowly being eased across the country.  

So what can be done about it? Combatting digital fatigue starts and ends with generating fresh interest in your advertising. One of the best ways to generate strong engagement and recall is to let the consumer choose which advertiser he or she wants to hear from. Although not everyone chooses an ad, among those who do, ad recall triples

Targeted advertising also can help your brand shine through, even in this era of digital fatigue. Better yet, do a little extra math, particularly when it comes to video advertising. Many advertisers are satisfied with measuring video completion rate, which is a good KPI, but I argue they need to go one step further: look at video completion rate multiplied by the viewability. Because if no one saw the video ad that ran its full length, it doesn’t matter how long it ran.

Finally, believe that less can be more. Frequency can be your enemy in the era of digital fatigue. If the platform you’re advertising on doesn’t suggest capping the number of times your ad will be seen (and they may not because they are looking to maximize revenue) then you should demand it. No one wants to see the same ad over and over, whether you’re streaming, scrolling or gaming—it will just result in making them mad at your brand.

That ties into what you shouldn’t do: buy tonnage, or lots and lots of cheap ad inventory. To say there’s too much advertising all over the digital landscape is a gross understatement. Why else do ad blockers exist, except because people got tired of being relentlessly bombarded by advertising?

Digital fatigue is real. Making sure your brand doesn’t get dragged down by it means taking smart steps around it.

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We’re delighted to share the news that Ogury has won two awards at Le Grand Prix de la Vidéo Numérique in France. These awards recognize innovation in digital video, and are decided by a jury of 30 digital marketing, advertising, eCommerce and media experts. 

Ogury has been recognized for implementing the most successful video advertising strategy in two categories:

Best video for a branding campaign: IBM

IBM, a world leading computer and technology company, partnered with Ogury to create a mobile advertising campaign that promoted its IT solution for businesses, encouraging them to adapt to new working behaviors in the global pandemic.  

Best video for a promotional campaign:  La Banque Postale

La Banque Postale, a well-known banking solution in France, partnered with Ogury to promote its free online tutoring offer and attract new customers to its banking solution. 

Our team collecting the awards.

These award-winning campaigns both leveraged Video Chooser, which provided users with a choice of which ad they wanted to watch. These two campaigns delivered exceptional results, including a high Viewable Video Completion Rate (V2CR), which is calculated by multiplying VCR with Viewability. 

A big thank you to our partners IBM and La Banque Postale for their trust, and to the Ogury France team for their work on making this success possible.

Visa case study header

Visa is well-known for facilitating the electronic transfer of funds worldwide, most commonly via credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. But, to stand out in Italy – a market known to favor cash transactions – Visa needed to increase brand awareness and find an innovative way to promote the use of its cards, particularly for small transactions.


A multinational financial services corporation, Visa is an established leader in facilitating card transactions globally. However, the company needed help to promote the use of cards in the Italian market. As such, Visa sought a technology company that could help identify and reach its ideal users across three specific audiences: reserved card purchasers, affluent card lovers and ambitious card payers.

Visa and Starcom Media were aware that mobile devices were key to reaching these specific audience groups, so they chose to partner with Ogury to deliver a mobile-specific campaign that would increase awareness of its brand and encourage the use of card transactions.


Through Ogury Active Insights, Visa was able to access reliable mobile user and behavior data to identify the three different audiences clusters it wanted to reach:

  • Reserved card purchasers – frequent card users for online and everyday shopping with an average income
  • Affluent card lovers – 65% male dominance, readily use credit cards, living in city centres and interested in the environment
  • Ambitious card payers – less than 30 years old, using credit cards for the first time

These were identified based on the affinities, likes and dislikes of the intended audience clusters across mobile apps used and sites visited.

Using Ogury User Engagement, a CPV campaign was created to deliver three different creativities to the determined audiences. Ogury then re-contacted the mobile users who watched the entire video, offering a full-screen CPC creative, enabling them to get more information about the advantages of having and using a Visa card.


The approach enabled Visa to create dedicated, relevant messages for each of its intended audience groups and connect with them successfully.

The video campaign attained a VCR of 94.9% (21% higher than Ogury’s Italian CPV campaign benchmark); 93% viewability (24.7% higher than Visa’s benchmark); and a Viewable Video Completion Rate (V2CR) of 88% (23.9% higher than Ogury’s campaign benchmark).

The display retargeting campaign reached a CTR of 10.2% (41% higher that Ogury’s Italian CPC campaign benchmark); 92% viewabillity (23.9% higher than Visa’s benchmark), and an exceptional 83% ad recall rate.

For Visa, Ogury represents a strategic partner for digital advertising and mobile activation. Thanks to Ogury’s unique and reliable insights, we have been able to reach our ideal audiences and achieve the objective of the campaign, with creativity. Attracting users with precise and granular data is essential, as it allows us to engage Visa cardholders on mobile effectively.

Matteo Brignoli,
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Social Media, Visa

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