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The automotive industry has been preparing for major change across all areas – from product to distribution and customer experience. We have witnessed many developments, but major events exogenous to the industry are forcing rapid, almost brutal, change. This is the opportunity that both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and consumers have been waiting for. The race against the product-market fit meter is on. But, to react quickly and effectively, it is important to analyze consumer behavior.  

Let’s look at the changes.

Private mobility

As consumers heeded governmental recommendations to maintain social distancing, it was no surprise that over half of French consumers abandoned or reduced their use of public transport. At the same time, micro-mobility in major cities increased – namely cycling and electric scooters. And so did car usage, with 13% of French consumers increasingly using their car to travel. The car remains the main mode of transport for 72% of French consumers, but this doesn’t mean they want more cars. It’s more challenging than that. 

Consumer responsibility 

Government incentives are a major driver to convert consumers to clean cars. Plus, the CAFE regulation has fixed the limit of CO2 emissions for new vehicles at 95g/km, providing further impetus for OEMs to rethink their product lineup and, more globally, their offer.

Consumers are taking note, as 74% of consumers say they are more sensitive to the environmental behavior of companies as a result of COVID-19. In tandem, the number of electric cars has increased 42-fold in 10 years in France, with 2020 representing a boon for the sector.

Second-hand purchasing has also witnessed a resurgence, as consumers’ interest in their environmental impact puts a spotlight on the brands they buy from. The success of platforms like Vestiaire Collective, Vinted and Le Bon Coin is testament to this sentiment, but it’s not limited to apparel. The trend has also found roots in the automotive sector, encouraged by the fact that financial uncertainty is often a dealbreaker for spending on such big-ticket items. 

Subscription and new business models

Experience is now more important than possession – a trend that already exists in many industries. We don’t buy DVDs anymore, but pay for a Netflix subscription; we don’t listen to music on CDs anymore, but pay for a Spotify subscription.

This is now a rule that applies to the automotive industry, with the acceleration of leasing offers, providing an all-in-one seamless experience. Based on a McKinsey study, new business models could expand automotive revenue by about 30%. In the short term, electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid cars will drive the most business. 

EV and hybrid car buyers

Is a prospective EV buyer similar to a hybrid car buyer? What are their needs? What are their passions? Ogury Active Insights helps brands to better understand consumers and inform their mobile branding strategy.

Here’s a glimpse of our main learnings: 

  • While both audiences are predominantly male and aged 35+, hybrid prospects are slightly older with a higher portion of 55+ (+10 pts vs EV segment).
  • EV prospects tend to be more urban, business savvy and masters of new digital tools. They use remote working apps daily and over-index on business and finance apps, and are keen on sports and healthy living.
  • Hybrid prospects spend time on the road. They have a high affinity with highway and parking apps, as well as oil price monitoring. They are less technology-oriented than EV prospects, and love outdoor sports.

Mobile is close and personal

Always within arm’s reach, mobiles are extremely personal and are the go-to device when consumers are looking for information. Time spent on mobiles increased in 2020, with over 45% of internet searches in France being made from a mobile. Mobile advertising is therefore a key tool to reach consumers in a relevant context. Moreover, mobile mix advertising ranks among the most influential media touchpoints along the purchase funnel, performing particularly high on brand contact, brand recall and brand appraisal, above desktop or social. Armed with unique persona insights from Ogury, and presented with increased opportunities to connect with their ideal audiences, advertisers can build an effective mobile branding strategy to reach and engage consumers. 

Ogury […] has enabled us to significantly adapt our audience targeting to reach our core target customer.

Julien Dobozs, Digital Media Specialist, Nissan

Want to know more? You can watch the replay of our Automotive Vertical Spotlight event in France.

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BNP Paribas-Les Mobiles d'Or-Ogury

We’re excited to announce that BNP Paribas’ Thumbnail Ad campaign has won the ‘Best mobile advertising campaign’ award at Les Mobiles d’Or. This follows the award that the campaign won at the Mobile Marketing Awards organized by the Mobile Marketing Association France.

BNP Paribas, a leading bank in Europe, partnered with Ogury to promote its “My Business Assistant” service to micro and small business owners. The aim of the campaign was to identify and reach its core audience and create an engaging and non-intrusive advertising experience.

In partnership with Havas Media France, BNP Paribas leveraged Ogury’s proprietary Thumbnail Ad format built specifically for mobile. Inspired by picture in picture video, the format is discrete, user-friendly and ephemeral. Consumers could continue to navigate the app while BNP Paribas’ ad played in the bottom corner of the screen. 

A big thank you to BNP Paribas for their partnership, and to the Ogurians – who created and deployed the Thumbnail Ad format – for their work on making this success possible.

And, if you haven’t already seen it, watch Thumbnail Ad in action.

Pierre Fabre case study image

Pierre Fabre, a leading pharmaceutical brand in France, required a mobile-first campaign to promote its cough syrup during the cold season. It was looking for a data safe solution that would enable it to understand and reach its precise audience. Pierre Fabre also sought to create a high-impact mobile ad unit that would direct qualified traffic to its product page. Learn more below.


Pierre Fabre’s aimed to promote one of its best selling cough syrups, Naturactive, to gain consumer mindshare during the cold season. To maximize performance, Pierre Fabre sought to highlight two key strengths of its product: 1) it’s suitability for the whole family to attract parents with young children, and 2) the fact that its 100% natural, to reach organic-conscious consumers. 


Ogury Active Insights revealed the distinct characteristics of Pierre Fabre’s two main persona groups. This included demographics, user journeys across apps and websites and discriminant brands and interests. Ogury then activated its User Engagement Solution to deliver a recommendation format: a proprietary mobile ad that captures the audience’s interest by revealing a relevancy score at the top of the screen. 


By partnering with Ogury, Pierre Fabre identified its ideal consumer groups, and reach them with an engaging mobile ad campaign that achieved outstanding results. Users who viewed the ad demonstrated elevated levels of interest and engagement, with 10% of targeted users viewing the landing page for more than one minute and contributing to a CTR of 8.1%. 

Ogury’s non-intrusive formats allow us to attract our ideal customers, while creating a premium and compelling brand experience. Thanks to their technology we can reach our target audience in a brand and data safe environment.

Olivia Tahar
Media Manager, Pierre Fabre

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This installment of Ogury’s “People of Ogury” blog series showcases Sarah Djedid, our Head of Client Success, EMEA, based in Paris. Sarah joined Ogury in January 2019 as Head of Client Success France. In the last two years, she and her team have achieved many notable successes, which have led Sarah to become Head of Client Success Southern Europe in 2020 and now Head of Client Success EMEA in 2021.

Get to know more about Sarah below.

Describe your role at Ogury and the types of projects your team focuses on.

I have the great honor of managing the Client Success team in Europe. My main mission is to support our clients and ultimately support the growth of Ogury. To do this, my team and I are responsible for managing client relationships from pre-sales to post-sales. Our key objective is to support our clients and ensure they meet their campaign goals.

What did you do immediately after graduation?

I turned down a job offer at Havas Media after my graduation internship to move to Australia where I worked as a waitress in Manly Beach near Sydney and traveled. During my trip, I followed a lot of media news, especially mobile, because I had written a thesis on the mobile media revolution. It was right at the time of the release of the iPhone. I read in the press that Publicis had just bought a mobile marketing start-up called “Phonevalley”. So I sent my thesis to Publicis and I was recruited from Sydney to develop mobile within the Vivaki group  in Paris.

Sarah loves to travel. Here she is pictured at Lac Blanc, Chamonix.

Who is your modern-day hero and why?

Undoubtedly my twin sister. She is my heroine. She is an accomplished woman with 3 wonderful children. She manages her professional and personal life with ease. She is also the most beautiful person I know on earth with the most beautiful quality: empathy.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?  (professional or personal)

“We should not be ashamed of our failures, because without them, we cannot know the true flavor of success.” That’s great personal and professional advice that has really stuck with me. It’s important to stay humble but also be able to manage our failures in order to move forward fast.

What advice would you give to a new Ogurian coming into the business to help them succeed?

Be curious, be open-minded, ask lots of questions, but most of all, be yourself.

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TuttoMedia and Ogury logo

Publishers are always looking for tech partners to monetize their content and serve quality ads that align with users’ interests. However, mobile ad formats are typically modeled on desktop version, which are not designed or optimized for the mobile experience. Ogury’s Thumbnail Ad, the world’s first non full-screen format specifically built for mobile, offers publishers a different solution.


Italian publisher TuttoMedia was looking for a new ad format to enrich its offer and increase revenue and business performance, while providing a great user experience that matched perfectly with the way users interact on their smartphones.


TuttoMedia was one of the first publisher partners to test Ogury’s Thumbnail Ad on Android and iOS in May 2020. Both the company and users soon reported very positive feedback. As the world’s first non-full screen format built specifically for the mobile environment, Thumbnail Ad offered a non-intrusive, user-friendly experience. The picture in picture unit appears while allowing users to continue to consume content. In line with functionality that users are now familiar with, they can drag, expand or skip this discreet ad format.


Ogury’s solution enabled TuttoMedia to access the highest CPMs in the market. Thumbnail Ad opened a new revenue stream for Tuttomedia and increased user retention. Combining Ogury’s interstitials, small banners and Thumbnail Ad formats, TuttoMedia was able to achieve over 80% of incremental revenue*.

*considering the revenue from interstitial banners and Thumbnail Ad, compared to the revenue generated by interstitial banners only.

“Thumbnail Ad offers our users an ad experience built specifically for the environment that they’re in. Thumbnail Ad offers high engagement and complete viewability, so we are able to attract top CPMs from the premium brands our users want to see.”

Nicola Canella
Owner, Tuttomedia

Download the case study.

This International Women’s Month, Ogury is highlighting some of the women that are contributing to building our amazing team. This installment showcases Nathalie Au, our Senior Data Scientist located in Paris. Get to know Nathalie below. 

Describe your role at Ogury and the types of projects your team focuses on?

I currently work as a Senior Data Scientist at Ogury in the Ad Choice team. My role involves transforming data into value using approaches ranging from statistical analysis to machine learning. Programming is part of the job not only for processing data but also for industrializing our algorithms. In Ad Choice, we work on many types of projects. Some are directly related to the delivery: predicting accomplished and impression events, audience modeling, AB testing, etc. The others feed the models used in the delivery: extending IAB+ categorization, predicting age/gender distributions, and much more.

What excites you most about working in tech?

Definitely the challenges. Tech is about problem-solving in innovative ways. As I’ve always enjoyed solving problems, the tech industry is the right choice for me. In my daily work, there is no ready-made solution to each real-world problem and suitable solutions right now can be quickly outdated since AI is developing so fast. This urges us to learn continuously and be creative.

What did you do straight after graduating?

I initially planned to travel before joining the professional world. However, the final year was so overworked that I finally slept 12/13 hours a day for 2 months (I am quite a heavy sleeper).

Nathalie loves to travel. This is her at the Salinas Grandes in Argentina.

Who is your modern-day hero and why?

Malala Yousafzai for her fight for girls’ education. I would not define myself as a feminist, but this is a step towards gender equality. At nursery school, I was called a tomboy because I was playing with cars and tools with the other boys in my class. Then, teachers reinforced gender bias: girls get good grades because they work a lot, while boys get good marks because they are smart. The worst I heard was in my career when a manager told me something I will never forget: “a woman cannot think anymore when she becomes a mother”. I was so shocked and this is probably the most stupid thing I ever heard. This goes to show that much more remains to be done…

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given (professional or personal)?

“Whatever you do, always give 100%”, said my mom quite often when I was younger. I keep following the advice at work but also in my private life. That way, I cannot blame myself for something since I did my best.

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American Lung Association and Ogury blog header

Approximately 8 million Americans are at high risk for lung cancer. Thanks to an innovative low-dose CT scan screening, early detection of lung cancer is now possible. However, despite the life-changing detection solution, many former smokers aren’t aware of it. The American Lung Association and Ad Council partnered with Ogury to identify and inform former smokers of this innovative technology.


Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in America, but now there’s hope through early detection. An innovative low-dose CT scan screening can be used to detect lung cancer in the first stages, when it is more likely to be curable. If lung cancer is caught before it spreads, the likelihood of surviving 5 years or more improves to 55%. This life-changing detection solution has the potential to save 25,000 lives, and the American Lung Association and Ad Council have been challenged with identifying and informing former smokers of this technology.


To reach former smokers with information about this life-changing early detection technology, the American Lung Association and the Ad Council chose to partner with Ogury due to Ogury’s advanced insight into the patient’s mobile user behavior. Ogury leveraged its unique, reliable mobile user and behavior data to help Ad Council build a strategic ‘Saved By The Scan’ campaign. Ogury’s technology uncovered unique insights and affinities of mobile users based on their mobile web and app usage, which included active research of treatment options, symptoms and cancer communities. Ogury’s Data Generation Engine scaled the campaign reach by automatically adding and removing certain criteria based on its performance, continuously learning and refining potential patient profiles. Once these profiles were identified, Ogury optimized the campaign toward driving site visits and scan eligibility quiz completions, by reaching users with high-quality 100% viewable display and video creative.


This campaign surpassed expectations, with Ogury driving nearly 29.6K mobile display site sessions, which was the greatest number of sessions from any partner on the campaign. Ogury achieved a CTR of 8% which met Ad Council’s goal, and a VCR of 85%, which was nearly 15% above benchmark. During the partnership, over 1.5K visitors driven by Ogury achieved the campaign’s primary goal of completing the screening eligibility quiz, with 23% of those users being categorized as ‘high-risk respondents’. Comparatively, Ogury drove the greatest number of quiz completions within the Ad Council’s display partnerships, and ranked within the top 5 for conversion rate at 5%.

Consumers are using their phones more than ever before, so it’s imperative to reach them where they are. Ogury’s support of the Saved By The Scan campaign did just that, raising awareness for Lung Cancer screening and driving the most Risk Assessment quiz completions we’ve seen to date.

Mikaela James
Assistant Media Manager, The Ad Council

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