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Advertisers dedicate billions of dollars each year in pursuit of brand awareness, but are still challenged with how to safely reach relevant audiences across mobile environments. 

They can choose to employ data-safe strategies like contextual or semantic targeting, which are being rushed to the market by various companies. But, these tactics lack audience intelligence and are imprecise. Or, advertisers can target individual users by tracking their interests and behaviors, but doing so can be invasive and risky.

Whichever strategy they choose for their mobile campaign, it will likely work for only one of the two mobile environments – app or web. That’s because carrying a user’s data across environments for targeting requires the use of a device graph, which is problematic for a number of reasons: 

  • Lack of precision. Low match rates force AdTech vendors to use heavy modelling and lookalikes when they cannot accurately find a user across environments. 
  • Disrespectful of user privacy. Consumers feel distrustful and followed, as they don’t understand how cross-environment targeting is being conducted. 
  • Reliant on technology that is on death-row. Device graphs rely on cookies and identifiers, which as we know have a limited shelf life.

That’s where Ogury comes in. To support the launch of mobile web for our campaigns, we have designed a breakthrough technology that brings our unique, in-app audience data onto the mobile web – without the use of identifiers.

Our solution works seamlessly across both mobile environments. It enables precise reach with relevant audiences, without the use of invasive user data, identifiers, or device graphs – making it future proof.

Introducing Personified Targeting

Ogury’s personified targeting uses a unique set of personification data at scale for highly relevant mobile web targeting. Our approach ensures 100% user privacy and is future-proof for an identifier-less world.

An unparalleled personification dataset

Ogury augments best-in-class contextual and semantic data, with our powerful and unique audience data at scale. Ogury’s audience data gives a deep understanding of publishers’ audiences behaviors and accurate insights into their interests. It is founded on six years of unique mobile journey data, and continually validated and enriched with:

  • Survey responses at scale, generating zero-party, self-declared data
  • User ad choices and interactions, providing self-targeting data

This integrated dataset, mapped to the app or webpage, grows richer at scale with each ad served and every survey answered. It enables unique understanding of the audiences of millions of web pages.

Personified Targeting in Action

When Ogury adds multiple layers of unique personification data to qualify a raw impression, it transforms into a personified impression. A final layer of protection verifies that each impression is safe and fraud-free. The end result is Valid Personified Impressions at scale.

Personified Targeting

Throughout the campaign, the process of Smart-Matching finds those Valid Personified Impressions with audience attributes that match those defined by the brand for their campaign’s target persona. This process ensures audience precision and reach.

Smart Matching

Real-time learning from each ad served ensures ever-increasing relevancy, driving superior campaign performance.

Ogury + Mobile Web

Today, we’ve expanded our reach and become a cross-environment mobile player with the addition of exclusive, in-web Thumbnail ads. 

And with personified targeting, your campaign can leverage Ogury’s powerful and safe data and audience intelligence for in-web targeting. That means precise reach with relevant audiences across environments, with 100% user privacy and a future-proof execution – no compromises.

To find out more about Personified Targeting, or to request a demo, reach out to the team via the form below.

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Banque Française Mutualiste (BFM) wanted to use the powerful targeting capabilities of mobile to deliver multiple brand video messages tailored to public service agents – the military, the police, nurses and cleaning operatives. Read on to learn about the solution and the results achieved. 


BFM is a French bank whose offer is specially designed for public service agents (military, police, nurses, cleaning operatives). As such, it decided to design a highly personalized communication campaign using multiple video messages – each adapted to the profession and daily life of its customer base. Although traditional media such as TV, print and out-of-home offer strong outreach capabilities, it wanted to leverage mobile as a complementary channel, to ensure each message was delivered to the right audience. That’s why it needed a technology partner that would enable it to segment its key audience, understand their behavior on mobile, and reach them with the right message to generate unmatched levels of engagement.


Fueled by unique, reliable mobile data, Ogury enabled BFM to uncover the true characteristics of each of its personas, including demographics, mobile user journeys across apps and websites, and discriminant brands and interests. Armed with this information, BFM used Ogury User Engagement to attract its ideal customers with a video message that truly resonated with their needs and everyday life.

The brand delivered the campaign on OMID-compliant inventory, which allowed for accurate in-app viewability measurement. To provide a complete picture of the campaign’s success, Ogury also measured a new and much more accurate video ad performance KPI: Viewable Video Completion Rate, or V2CR*.

*viewability x video completion rate


The ad campaign achieved exceptional levels of performance, reaching 91% viewability and 82% average VCR. With 75% V2CR, the campaign surpassed Ogury’s own benchmarks of 67%. The IAS also reported an average brand safety percentage of more than 99%, with the campaign recording less than 1% invalid traffic.

Ogury’s powerful data solution allowed us to have a thorough understanding of our customer base. The team was able to understand and adapt their brief to our needs and objectives, which enabled us to achieve exceptional results.

Virginie Diallo
External Communication Manager, BFM

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We are delighted to announce that Ogury’s Thumbnail Ad campaign with BNP Paribas has won a third industry award – the ‘Best new mobile ad format’ at Les Trophées de l’Innovation Publicitaire.

The awards recognize companies using digital innovations for their media and advertising strategy. BNP Paribas’ Thumbnail Ad campaign has also been recognized by the Mobile Marketing Association France and Les Mobiles d’Or

BNP Paribas, a leading bank in Europe, partnered with Havas Media France and Ogury to promote its “My Business Assistant” service to micro and small business owners.

The campaign leveraged Ogury’s proprietary Thumbnail Ad, a picture-in-picture mobile video format that puts the consumer in control of how they consume the ad. The interactivity attracts attention and delivers video performance previously only available via full-screen interstitial. BNP Paribas has, therefore, been able to effectively reach consumers in content-based apps where performant full-screen ads are not available. 

The campaign was a success, achieving 90% viewable video completion rate (V2CR), surpassing the 67% benchmark. V2CR is the most important performance metric for video ads, combining both video completion rate (VCR) and viewability.

A big thank you to BNP Paribas for their partnership, and to the Ogurians – who created and deployed the Thumbnail Ad format – for their work on making this success possible.

Conscious advertising network

We are pleased to announce that Ogury has become a member of the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN). Its mission is to apply ethics to digital advertising and stop abuse by highlighting the conscious choices that advertisers and agencies can make to ensure good practice. CAN upholds six golden rules (a.k.a. manifestos) to affect change in the advertising industry: anti ad-fraud, diversity, informed consent, hate speech, children’s wellbeing and fake news.

At Ogury, we have been active in other similar initiatives in the U.S., like the Coalition for Better Ads, so joining CAN was a natural fit for us. We fully support CAN’s golden rules and are committed to providing sustainable ad results for advertisers and publishers.

We pride ourselves on offering our partners choice-driven ads that respect consumer privacy and provide a superior user experience through innovative formats like our award-winning  Thumbnail Ad. At the same time, we protect our partners against unsafe and toxic data, inappropriate content and all types of fraud.

We recognize the AdTech industry’s responsibility to ensure ethical and sustainable practices within the advertising ecosystem, and look forward to partnering with CAN on future projects to build on the foundations that have been laid. 

We are extremely excited to have Ogury join the Conscious Advertising Network and our mission to stop advertising abuse, and the funding of online misinformation and harmful content by advertisers. Advertising funds the internet and by joining us, Ogury has taken an important further step in its commitment to providing sustainable ad results for advertisers and publishers. It is more important than ever for the advertising industry to come together to defund hate speech, unsafe and toxic data, and misinformation.

Jake Dubbins
Co-chair at The Conscious Advertising Network

Find out more about the Conscious Advertising Network.

And you can get in touch to learn more about mobile brand advertising.

Bayer and its media agency, Mediacom, partnered with Ogury to raise brand awareness and perception. Our reliable mobile data, combined with our user-focused formats and delivery methods, enabled Bayer to identify and reach potential consumers. Learn more about the campaign below.


A growing and aging world population requires an adequate supply of food and improved medical care. With life expectancy continuing to rise, Bayer improves the quality of life for a growing population by focusing its research and development activities on preventing, alleviating, and treating diseases. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical and life sciences space has become increasingly cluttered due to the rise in illnesses. Bayer needed to raise its brand awareness and increase brand perception in order to provide value to its consumers and ultimately create a better life for them.


To raise awareness and perception, Bayer and its media agency, Mediacom, partnered with Ogury. The campaign was fueled by unique, reliable mobile user and behavior data drawn with traceable and trusted consent.

Once these users were identified and messaged, Ogury’s proprietary optimization algorithms scaled the campaign’s reach based on performance criteria, to find further users with similar affinities across the US. The Brand Exclusive Video Chooser was employed to present the users with a choice of which ad they would like to see. This proprietary ad delivery method is an interstitial that precedes the video, showing previews of three different Bayer videos. The user selected their preferred ad, then was shown the video of their choosing, meaning the final step of ad personalization was made by the user themselves. Engaging and interacting with ads by making a choice has been proven to drive a 300% lift in ad recall by promoting memorability.


This campaign drove strong results and achieved Bayer’s objectives. The campaign delivered a VCR of 84.8% and a viewability rate of 95%. By multiplying viewability with VCR, the campaign delivered a V2CR of 80%, which is above Ogury’s benchmark. In addition to these results, the campaign also achieved a CTR of 4.2% which is above industry standard.

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