Planet Media is a French web publisher producing content related to news, lifestyle and health. It wanted to increase its mobile ad revenue, feature well-known brands on its platform and diversify its format portfolio. Ogury presented Planet Media with the opportunity to diversify its ad format portfolio, helping the publisher boost its eCPM. Among various formats, Ogury gave Planet Media access to its proprietary video ad format: Thumbnail Ad. With its Premium
Demand, Ogury also offered access to a network of recognizable brands, granting Planet Media access to revenue optimization. Using the tools provided by Ogury, Planet Media was able to unlock new revenue streams and strengthen existing ones.


Ogury helped Planet Media to increase its mobile ad revenue thanks to its premium demand from more than 1,150 top brands globally. Using a dedicated team and personalized support, Ogury mobilized its resources to deliver quick and optimized results.

By implementing VCR tests to measure the effectiveness of its advertising, they were able to determine the best format mix. The main thrust of the campaign was Ogury’s proprietary video ad format, Thumbnail Ad, which allowed Planet Media to deliver a brand new and innovative mobile ad format to its mobile users and unlock a new revenue stream.


The results of Ogury’s integration were quick to come, with a 26% increase in eCPM in a single month, as they
swiftly became one of Planet Media’s top-performing partners. With Ogury besting their competition and pushing ahead of them in terms of CPM, priority in mediation was given to their premium demand. Planet Media’s ad revenue rose by 7% by the new and compelling Thumbnail video ad format and known brands that were being displayed, providing value to both the publisher and their readers.

Ogury is one of our best performing monetization partners. Their team delivers a seamless service tailored to our needs. They are one of the few technology partners that can deliver a superior advertising experience through their proprietary format, Thumbnail Ad, while optimizing our advertising revenue with their premium demand.

Maximilien Chikhtahar
Programmatic Manager, Planet Media

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Our “People of Ogury” series showcases a different Ogurian each month from across the globe. This edition profiles Evan Tarlow, our Customer Success Manager in the US. Get to know another Ogurian who’s working to build our amazing team.

Describe your role at Ogury and the types of projects your team focuses on?

I am part of the Customer Success Team here at Ogury. My main role is to manage the Dentsu book of business — partnering with sales to obtain, retain and grow business from pre-sale to post-sale, while strengthening our relationships with the brand-direct and agency teams along the way. My largest account is Microsoft, where the ultimate goal is to evolve our partnership both globally and here in the U.S.

What led you to become a Customer Success Manager at Ogury?

I started my career on the agency side of the industry with Dentsu and Omnicom, specializing in both search & social channels. After four years, I decided that it was time to jump over to AdTech and work with a trusted partner that was disrupting the mobile landscape. 

What is unique about Ogury compared to other companies you’ve worked for?

This is the first time that I have worked on the product side and it is really exciting to work for a company that is revolutionizing the mobile ad industry. Although I joined Ogury for the product, I plan to stay at Ogury for the people. It is honestly motivating to work alongside and learn from so many talented and intelligent Ogurians. 

What motivated you to be a Movember Ambassador?

Movember is an incredible cause. I did not know that the Movember foundation benefitted Men’s health in so many different ways. I am just happy to be part of this outstanding group of Ogury MObassadors.

What is the Movember goal that you are setting for yourself this year?

Naturally, I am pretty competitive. It’s my goal to raise as much money as possible, so I am setting the bar high at $1,000 USD!  Let’s grow. 

Evan Tarlow

What advice would you give to a new Ogurian coming into the business to help them succeed? 

Attitude is everything. So many Ogurians are naturally ambitious and empathic. Focus on your long-term goals, but be there to help your friends (co-workers) anytime that you can. If you are self-driven, happy and human — all of the pieces will eventually fall into place. 

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Full-service creative agency Proximity relishes the opportunity to shine a light on a variety of environmental and social topics. For Germany’s Organ Donation Day, Proximity partnered with the Association Against Death on the Organ Waiting List to launch the world’s first wearable organ donor card – the Gegen den Tod Couture fashion collection. 

Thanks to Ogury Personified Targeting, the agency and the association engaged the right audience and raised awareness on the importance of organ donation. 


Germany doesn’t have enough organ donors. There are 9,000 people in the country waiting for an organ to save their life. For years, the Association Against Death on the Organ Waiting List has been steadfast in its pursuit of generating awareness around the importance of organ donation. To ramp up its efforts and grab the attention of the right audience, the association partnered with Proximity to launch the world’s first wearable organ donor card, and enlisted Ogury as the preferred mobile AdTech player. 


Ogury Personified Targeting was leveraged to accurately reach potential donors at scale. A two-phase mobile campaign was implemented where Ogury first engaged users interested in social responsibility, sustainability and shopping with fully visible and impactful video formats across mobile environments. In the second phase, these users were shown a CPC campaign that helped to drive consideration and redirect quality traffic to Gegen den Tod Couture website. 


This pro-bono mobile campaign was delivered in a fraud-free and brand-safe environment. It produced exceptional results, achieving 82.7% VCR, over 51.5K completed views and 92.7% viewability (IAS standard). The display ad format received a 4.5% CTR, with over 15.5K clicks. Thanks to Ogury and the other partners, 72% of the produced items were sold, which represents an average of 13,000 lives saved. 

Thanks to Ogury’s support and ability to reach the right audience with multi-format video and static campaigns, we have achieved amazing results, while raising awareness of the organ donation shortage and saving many lives.

Susanne Reitmaier
Chairwoman of the Association Against Death on the Organ Waiting List 

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