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We’re pleased to announce that Ogury’s campaign with Ford has won the Digital Advertising – Video award at La Nuit des Rois. This is the fourth award that this campaign has won so far this year. La Nuit des Rois 2022 is an award ceremony that rewards the best digital marketing campaigns based on two main criteria: performance and innovation.

The award was announced during ‘The Revelation’ event on April 21st where all the finalists and the jury members gathered to discuss the major trends in digital marketing. 

Finalists and jury members discuss the latest digital marketing trends

Ford, along with its media agency Mindshare and creative agency GTB, partnered with Ogury on a campaign to drive awareness of its Ford Kuga hybrid model among those interested in electric and hybrid vehicles. 

The campaign was delivered using Ogury’s fully on-screen, impactful video ads and Site Scroller – a full-screen ad unit that engages the audience with an interactive microsite, driving brand awareness and memorability. It achieved outstanding results including 68% Fully On-Screen Rate for 50% duration.1 With an average VCR of 80%2 and a viewability rate of 92%, the campaign far surpassed the market standards of 57.4% and 62.2%,3 respectively.

It also generated a lot of interest and interactions among the audience with an average engagement rate of 11% (and approximately 2.4 swipes per user). And, users spent an average of 8 seconds on the Site Scroller ad format.

A big thank you to Ford for their partnership, and to the Ogurians – who created and deployed the campaign – for their work on making this success possible.

See the full list of winners.

1 The Fully On-Screen Rate for 50% duration is the main metric used by Ogury to measure the performance of video campaigns. It is based on 100% of the ad surface being visible on screen for at least half of its duration.

2 The Fully On-Screen Rate at 50% Duration and VCR have been measured by a trusted third party, IAS.

3 Oracle MOAT Benchmarks Q2 2021

Ogury has acquired Motionly, a SaaS solution that designs, deploys and measures interactive rich media animations in-app and in-web. Motionly was founded in 2017 by Édouard Mercier, with the aim of making it easier for marketers to personalize digital content in order to boost user attention and engagement.

Motionly’s unique technology will be a real added asset to Ogury’s creative studio, allowing it to deliver creatives that are visually striking and dynamically personalized. This will enable the 1,200 global premium brands who work with Ogury to easily access innovative and engaging creative units.

The creative builder will give the advertising industry the opportunity to easily create, publish and measure new kinds of creative ad units, including interactive animations in DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization), which are dynamically adapted to the context of the webpage or application. Interactions with ads, such as swipes and engagement, are easily measured and analyzed in order to optimize content, placement and run AB testings. Ultimately, this provides concrete and actionable insights on user experience, based on a granular measure of user interactions with creative formats.

As part of this merger, Édouard Mercier, Motionly’s founder, joins Ogury as VP Engineering. With over 20 years as an entrepreneur and software development engineer, Édouard brings along a wealth of experience. “Digital ads can be as amazing as they can be invasive and passive. This is the key idea that drove the creation of Motionly five years ago, with the ultimate goal of bringing end-users entertainment and control over creative ads. Ogury shares the same vision of what mobile creativity should be. So, joining such a leader in mobile advertising is the perfect next move for Motionly’s growth”, commented Édouard Mercier, founder of Motionly and VP Engineering at Ogury.

“Marketers must adapt to an ever changing digital landscape and are seeking innovative ways to engage users on mobile. You can have the best targeting technology in the world, its impact will become irrelevant without engaging creative formats. This equation has always been at the core of our technology stack, and we’re excited to bring creativity to the next level with Motionly”, said Thomas Pasquet, CEO of Ogury.

Ryo Matsumoto takes on the role of Country Manager Japan to bring the company’s future-proof advertising technology to the Japanese ad industry

Ogury is expanding its business in Asia with a new Japanese office. The company’s local activities will be led by Ryo Matsumoto, Country Manager based in Tokyo. 

Just 8 years after its foundation, Ogury has become a global leader in digital advertising, providing the Japanese industry with the sustainable tech solutions it has been looking for to deliver outstanding performance whilst respecting user privacy. Ogury’s offering is unprecedented in the Japanese ecosystem and should make it the preferred mobile advertising partner for brands, agencies and publishers. As a matter of fact, Dentsu International – Japan Office (DIJ) is already working actively with Ogury. “As a pioneer in the digital advertising space, DIJ is always seeking innovative technologies that can allow brands who work with us to engage users in a respectful manner. This is why we’ve chosen to partner with Ogury, and test their mobile advertising solution as an early adopter in the region,” commented Ron Tolentino, Head of Products and Solutions at DIJ.

At the helm of this expansion, Ryo Matsumoto will lead Ogury’s business operations and development in the region from the Tokyo office. In his remit, he will spearhead the launch of Ogury and its unique offer in the Japanese market. Ryo will be in charge of building the best in-class team of digital advertising experts, from both a brand and publisher perspective, and leverage his knowledge of the Japanese industry for a successful localization. 

With 15 years of experience in Marketing and Sales, Ryo Matsumoto started his career working for major global brands such as L’Oréal, BMW, Philips and Johnson & Johnson. In 2014, Ryo joined AdTech company Criteo as Marketing Manager APAC. Most recently, he climbed up the ladder at GumGum, a tech and media company specializing in contextual intelligence, where he went from being the company’s first hire in Japan to becoming Head of Sales Japan.

Ogury’s decision to open an office in Japan was motivated by the country’s position as the world’s 4th biggest spender in digital advertising with $18.99bn spent in 2021 – the country is expected to remain in the top 5 for many years to come – and the share of mobile ad spend in the market, which represented 72.2% of total digital ad spend in 2021 and is set to amount to 74% by 2025. 

“The Japanese market has a huge potential for growth and we’re proud to welcome Ryo onboard as Country Manager Japan to help us crack it,” said Geoffroy Martin, Chief Operating Officer, Ogury. “Ryo is a true local marketing expert who deeply understands the market specifications, and I have no doubt he will enable us to achieve this critical milestone in the company’s international growth and scale up our activity in the region.”

“Ogury enters Japan with perfect timing, as users are more and more cautious about their privacy, and so are the brands who try to connect with them,” shared Ryo Matsumoto, Country Manager Japan, Ogury. “Their unique technology offers an extensive knowledge of audience interests. It will give local marketers the chance to truly understand local consumer behavior, which will be a perfect fit for the data-oriented Japanese market.”

March 8th is an important day as the world celebrates International Women’s Day. A day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe. 

Every year at Ogury, we like to take over the whole month of March to spotlight our female Ogurians and bring awareness to the key issues women face in the workplace. This year, we organized a series of internal events aimed at celebrating the women of Ogury, learning from and inspiring each other to play our part in mobilizing the collective power of individual action-taking. 

Here’s a summary of what took place.

Leadership Spotlight

We kicked off the campaign with a conversation with our Chief People Officer, Blandine Kouyaté, who spoke candidly about her leadership journey and her view on what it means to be an authentic leader. 

It was a great discussion where Ogurians were given a platform to share their own experiences, learn from others and identify ways we can better support our people to feel proud to belong at Ogury. 

Blandine Kouyaté, speaks about authentic leadership
Blandine Kouyaté, speaks about authentic leadership

Women of Ogury Awards

We launched a global internal campaign where we encouraged Ogurians to nominate the Women of Ogury who live and breathe our Standards, every day. We had so many amazing videos, presentations and even a poem – a real testament to how valued our female Ogurian’s are in the company. Our three deserving winners (below) were each awarded with a unique experience of their choice, on Ogury. This was a way for us to celebrate their achievements and thank them for their contributions.

Helene Bouteille
Helene Bouteille, as she leads her team with grit and determination. Her acute intelligence is astounding. Her work ethic is flawless and she leads by example. She manages a very hectic and intense work schedule and still makes her family a priority and is a super mum! Ogury is so fortunate to have Helene.
Franziska is an incredible colleague to work with for many reasons including: her energy & mindset, her incredible sense of ownership and the fact that she is always there to help in best interest of her colleagues and clients
Alexia is the most reliable teammate ever. She is always motivated by projects related to her already-full-scope, but also always happy to help with broader topics that are not directly related to her. She’s passionate about her work, and she leverages this passion to share Ogury’s messages externally and internally. Sometimes I wonder how she manages to get all these things done and executed perfectly.

Women of Ogury Chapter

Our Women Of Ogury (WOO) chapter has been relaunched. Employees from across the globe have come together, motivated by the opportunity to support Ogury in building a more diverse and inclusive company for all. The aim is to create a safe space for ALL employees to share ideas, discuss challenges and hold each other accountable for supporting the women of Ogury and playing their part in shaping the future of women in tech.

Locally Organised Events

All of our local offices bought employees together to celebrate March 8th with food, decorations and conversation! It was an opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.

Our London office ended the month by inviting Lynne Parker, CEO of Funny Women, alongside award-winning stand-up comedian, Jenny Bolt into the office. Funny Women believe in using comedy to spark positive change for women in the workplace. And in an action-packed session, they shared their tried and tested tricks of the comedy trade on how to use humor in the workplace, express yourself memorably and bring your ideas to life..

International Womens Day Celebrations
A snapshot of the International Women’s Day celebrations in some of our offices

The Road Ahead

So where do we go from here? Ogury’s celebration of women will continue far beyond a singular day, week or even month.

We are working hard to build a company that embraces and champions our differences and we recognize that the diversity of our teams is a major contributor to our continued success. We have a great representation of amazing female talent across our company, with almost 50% of our employees identifying as female, but we know that there is more to be done.

We’ve challenged our employees and leaders to continue to consider their role in making the world a more equal place for everyone and to look to their community to understand how they can support and use their influence – be that through their social media following, talents or skills – to take action.  

We’ve shared a toolkit of resources with our employees to support raising awareness of gender equity in all parts of life and amplifying female voices. It includes top reads by female authors, podcasts focusing on fighting for equity, prominent female activists to follow.

Our Employee Network Groups, The Mosaic and Women of Ogury also play an integral role in providing a safe space for our employees and in keeping us all accountable. Building an inclusive workplace means creating a culture that fully engages and supports all employees. Through the campaign, we have taken our first steps in creating opportunities for our employees to share their individual experiences and feel empowered to speak up about the struggles they face when it comes to gender bias. We are excited to build on the momentum of the campaign ensuring that as a company we continue to listen to our employees, learn from each other and together drive actionable change.