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The world’s first mobile-native, non-full screen format.

Originally built for web, traditional ad formats such as inline banners, can negatively impact the in-app user experience. Obstructing the interface, these formats disrupt user navigation and distract from content consumption.

This is particularly pertinent for Video. Advertisers measure video ad performance on both Viewability and VCR. In-app, mobile-native Interstitial and Rewarded Video are king when it comes to viewable video performance, and it’s where the video spend goes. Content-based Publishers whose user experience doesn’t allow for these formats, are missing out on top CPMs.  They are stuck using ineffective, traditional formats not optimized for performant video on mobile. And forced to play the volume game to compensate for low CPMs and poor performance.

Introducing Thumbnail Ad

Thumbnail Ad from Ogury is the world’s first mobile-native, non-full screen format for performant video. A discrete, ephemeral ad format that appears in a precise location within the app, provides an elegant and effective advertising experience. Built for mobile, the unit is draggable by the user and proven to be less intrusive than traditional formats that break content consumption or create the illusion of completeness through false floors.

thumbnail ad example

Compared to an MPU (300×250), a Thumbnail Ad represents only 25% of its surface area. And it’s only 12% bigger than a Small Banner (320×50).  But performance is considerably higher. With the ability to finally achieve the viewable video metrics advertisers demand, Publishers can access top CPMs on mobile without having to run full-screen. In fact, it’s the highest $/pixel format on the market!  Retention can also be improved by moving to an ad experience that is punctual and appreciated rather than constant and pervasive. 

Being a new format, all revenue is 100% incremental. It’s not just another demand source in an existing waterfall. Ogury will be purchasing millions of dollars of Thumbnail Ad inventory during 2020.

Cross-promotion with Thumbnail Ad

In addition, the Thumbnail Ad is the ideal format for cross-promotion. Publishers can increase time spent in-app by promoting other relevant articles to readers or boost premium subscriptions by advertising offers to loyal users. Cross-promotion campaigns are run free of charge when there is no ad fill. Campaigns are managed and run by Ogury and ensure that 100% of inventory is used to generate incremental revenue.

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