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We recently unveiled our latest product offering Ogury Brand Index (OBi), the world’s first and largest brand index consisting of a 100% mobile audience. With over 50,000 data points and counting, OBi tracks five key equity parameters vital for business success in the 21st century. 

These brand values were distilled by analyzing the fastest-growing brands featured across open-source brand index data over the last ten years. These values are:

  • Trustworthy
  • Ecologically sustainable
  • Useful to me 
  • Premium
  • Innovative

How does it work?

OBi is a unique mobile brand index that allows companies to understand how their brand is perceived vs their key competitors among mobile audiences.

It is a fully custom, 100% mobile survey that helps brands make informed strategic decisions and gain a deeper understanding of audience buying factors across different geographies.

OBi allows us to gauge brand performance among our partner’s real mobile audience eliminating the need for paid-for panel research. These insights provide an understanding of what new initiatives are needed to improve brand scores.

OBi surveys are:

  • Based on 100% mobile audiences
  • Non-incentivized
  • Based on an opt-in model
  • Using randomized samples
  • With rotating questions, verticals, and markets

How can payment brands win over seasonal shoppers?

We asked audiences across Germany, Italy, the U.K., the U.S., and Japan:

When selecting a payment method for your holiday shopping, which of the following is most important to you?

  • Innovative reward programs
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Safety and Security
  • Buy now pay later options
  • Interest rates

We discovered that innovative solutions were key factors that influenced mobile shoppers. Innovative rewards programs and exclusive discounts scored high on the survey, averaging 23.8% and 22.8% across all countries. Buy now pay later options also registered a significant 15.5%. It is clear that these factors are highly sought after by seasonal shoppers.

Mobile payment brands audience expectations vs. OBi brand values
Source: Ogury Brand Index Data 2022 – 50,000 data points – DE – JP – MX – US – UK

However, when we asked audiences which OBi values they most associated payment brands with, innovative was the least associated KPI at only 7%. Despite being the least associated KPI, our data has shown that innovative solutions are key to winning over mobile shoppers. This can be done in a number of different ways:

Highlight innovative mobile aspects: Consumers want innovative solutions that make purchasing experiences faster and hassle-free. Contactless and mobile payment options have become increasingly standardized, creating seamless consumer purchasing experiences.

Highlight innovative reward programs: Implore your audience to save more through seasonal rewards programs. Use Ogury skins in your campaign ads to further drive home this messaging in your mobile campaigns.

Generate superior attention: Your brand should stand out among the crowd by generating and maintaining audiences’ attention. OBI data has shown that 26% of audiences in the U.K. and 24% within Germany are more attracted to recognized brands. Ogury formats have been proven to generate 2x the attention of all other mobile channels. Build a brand the world chooses by leveraging our fully on-screen and dynamic formats.

Not all markets are the same!

The results differed significantly when countries were individually analyzed. In Germany and Mexico, audiences valued innovative reward programs and attractive interest rates far more at 26%, with little consideration for safety and security at only 10% and 11% respectively. Conversely, in the U.S. safety and security are much more important considerations at 23%. In Japan, 30% chose innovative rewards programs as the top consideration, significantly higher than the other surveyed countries.

So what’s the significance of this data? Well, you could ascertain that Japanese consumers are more loyal to brands. Indeed, studies have shown that consumers in Japan prefer goods that are high quality and on average are more brand loyal. On the flip side, consumers in the U.S. are much more security conscious, with cyber security being a key focus – it is vital that payment brands double down on this messaging whenever they speak to mobile shoppers in the U.S.

How can Tech brands win over seasonal shoppers?

Analyzing the same five countries as before, we asked mobile shoppers:

When buying a personal tech product during seasonal sales, which of the following is most important to you?

  • After-sales service
  • Recognized brand
  • Bundled offers
  • Price discounts
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Warranty of the product
Mobile Tech audience expectations vs. OBi brand values

Sustainable packaging emerged as one of the top factors, second only to price discounts at 21% and 25% respectively. However, when we asked audiences which OBi factor they most associated Tech brands with, Ecologically sustainable was the least associated KPI at only 10%.

Once again, despite being the least associated brand value, OBi has discovered that ecological sustainability is a significant buying factor that influences personal tech shoppers during seasonal shopping. Here is how brands can make a splash with audiences during seasonal sales:

Highlight how ecologically sustainable your brand is: Tech shoppers during seasonal shopping periods do not just value price discounts, but also look to minimize their carbon footprint. Reach consumers by embracing sustainable packaging while highlighting your efforts towards being environmentally friendly.

Use Ogury’s cutting-edge custom surveys to understand more about your audience during seasonal shopping periods: With our latest custom surveys, you can now understand the key purchase drivers that influence your audience during seasonal shopping periods. These insights can then be used to optimize future campaigns.

Customize your message to fit local markets: From the U.S. to Germany, mobile audiences have varying degrees of expectations from tech brands. Make sure you go #Glocal the right way.

Not all markets are the same!

While sustainable packaging and price discounts were on average the highest-rated factors, when you look at the factors individually across countries, it paints a different picture. In the U.S., sustainable packaging was one of the lowest-rated factors at 10%, while price discounts were the highest-rated at 40%. Equally, In Japan sustainable packaging took a back seat, with only 16% of audiences stating it was the most important factor.

In Europe, the results were very different. Sustainable packaging was a much more influential factor for audiences within the U.K. and Germany. 20% and 26% stated that this was the most important factor when choosing a tech brand during seasonal shopping. Only 20% and 21% of respondents in the U.K. and Germany chose price discounts as the most important factor. 

Audiences in Mexico were more motivated to purchase from brands providing bundled offers at 18.5%. Sustainable packaging was also a crucial consideration with 25% of respondents indicating it was the most important factor. Shoppers in Mexico were also not attracted to recognized brands as much, with only 12% stating it was the most important factor. Compare that to Germany, where 24% of respondents registered it as the most important factor, and you can begin to see just how different buying factors are across different markets.

Build a brand the world chooses

At Ogury, we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of audiences. We are delighted to announce that our years of industry insights and experience are now available to our partners via OBi. OBi does not use paid-for panel research like many other indexes. Instead, it measures the true consumers’ voice from 100% mobile audiences leveraging an opt-in model. 

Ogury’s end-to-end mobile branding solution helps our partners engage the right audiences, with the right message and is available via programmatic and managed service. Are you a forward-thinking marketing leader who wants to achieve industry-leading performance while upholding consumers’ right to privacy? Join countless other industry veterans and avail of Ogury’s future-proof solution today.

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