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Over 400 years ago, French poet Jean de la Fontaine wrote fables in which he gave animals and objects personalities. A fox manipulated a crow, a talkative grasshopper begged an ant for food, and a lion built a friendship with a mouse. Those animals felt a range of emotions and had personal motives, which almost perfectly described their character. They were essentially personified – given a human nature.

While Jean de la Fontaine didn’t have a mobile phone, he was well ahead of his time because there is a very close parallel in digital advertising.

At Ogury, we’ve taken this concept of personification and applied it to our technology, giving a personal nature to audiences based on their interests. We believe that this is the way to ensure the highest performance on mobile in the next chapter of digital advertising.

Watch my session below from MAD//Fest 2021 to learn more about personification in digital advertising.

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