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Once a long time ago, young cell phone owners would pay a lot of money to change their ringtones. They were mostly a fun and harmless auditory accessory, but often resulted in staggering cell phone bills for some parents. Children would buy ringtones with reckless abandon, resulting in hundreds of dollars of extra cell phone charges.

The online advertising industry followed a similar trajectory – it began with the first banner ad at the footer of Wired magazine’s website and sparked enormous interest, heralded as an advertising innovation. However, the industry itself quickly became riddled with corruption, deceit, and theft. I wrote an article on Forbes which covers the history of the AdTech industry, where we must improve and how the future of the industry will change.

In this article you will learn:

  • The history of the first banner ad and the AdTech industry
  • That proper choice for consumers means consent on data collection
  • Where the future of the AdTech industry is moving 

It took the advertising industry 25 years to reach this era of digital integrity, and many advertisers didn’t arrive here willingly (how ironic). But they must adapt if they hope to succeed in this new landscape.

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