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Pets are a core part of families. In fact, it’s estimated that Americans spent $72 billion on pets in the U.S. last year, which is predicted to continue to rise. In fact, Millennials are expected to spend more money on their dogs over the course of the pet’s life than they would on their own healthcare costs.

Consumers are taking their pet’s health and wellness into their own hands — specifically, with their hand-held devices. The days of consumers regularly turning to desktop searches on pet medicine sites like 1-800-PetMeds and Allivet are behind us. Why? Because consumers are searching for pet health-related inquiries when and where the inspiration strikes them. And only mobile allows that kind of flexibility. This huge opportunity also presents a major challenge for marketers when it comes to understanding the pet wellness consumer.

The pet health sector is becoming increasingly crowded

Brands like Iams, Chewy, Galliprant, Purina and more, know their consumers – pet owners. However, just knowing who their customer is, does not mean they understand them or know how to activate with them on mobile in a meaningful way. To stand out in the cluttered pet medicine space, brands need to uncover key insights on their niche audience and reach them during moments of greatest intent.

With more consumers turning to their mobile devices, pet wellness providers are left wondering how to reach users looking for solutions and products. So how can these brands drive awareness and purchase intent to break through the crowded industry landscape, increase product awareness, and grow brand loyalty?

The answer is in the journey

By looking at a consumers’ mobile user journey, marketers can reach and attract intended consumers at the right place and at the right time and gain advanced insights into the mobile pet health journey. Leveraging consented mobile user journey data, marketers can now access insights on their users’ mobile activity before and after visiting their brand’s (or the brand’s competitors’) app and website. This provides marketers with unprecedented knowledge of consumers’ mobile journeys.

Below is an example of a pet wellness user. Strategic mobile insights reveal this pet wellness brand’s target audience is largely female (74 percent) between the ages of 18-34 (34 percent) and 45-54 (30 percent). Her interests typically include shopping, business, and finance. But beyond simple demographic breakdown, there exists a far greater treasure trove of insights in the mobile journey.

Mobile journey insights also allow brands to see that their target consumers typically have only one pet health-related app downloaded on their phone (see breakdown below). However, just knowing the exclusivity of the competition severely limits a marketer’s understanding of the behavior of their consumers. Looking more closely at mobile journey data, pet wellness brands can also understand each app’s user activity, thanks to Mobile Journey Marketing.

The major key in Mobile Journey Marketing is the breakdown of silos that have largely dominated marketers’ understanding of mobile in its nascent stages. Previously, pet health brands would only be able to see their users’ activity on their own apps and mobile sites, and not have any insights into their competitors, retailers or other relevant mobile destinations. Ogury allows pet wellness brands to cross the aisle and peek into the entire mobile ecosystem.

For example, these brands are able to see that PetMed’s audience is most engaged on Mondays, as opposed to Chewy, which has an audience that typically peaks on Tuesday (graphics below).

Pet owners are going above and beyond to ensure their furry friends have what they need. The onus is on pet wellness brands to deliver. Mobile Journey Marketing enables pet wellness brands to understand the entire mobile user journey of their pet owners, and to market across it. Ogury works closely with leading national brands to develop informed strategies behind using precise and consented data to understand pet owners’ mobile journeys.

Want to learn how to identify and attract pet owners through cross-app mobile data insights and leverage mobile user data to engage the most relevant users across the purchasing cycle? Reach out now!

Nena Slifer, Sr. Director of Healthcare

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