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Last year there was a lot of chatter about the third-party cookie deprecation and how marketers should prepare. And while the timeline has slowed somewhat, we’re undeniably moving closer to an ID-less and cookie-less world. 

Analyst firm Gartner predicts that four out of five digital advertisers will cease all personalization by 2025, but advertisers still need to reach the right consumers with relevant ads. Instead of focusing on whether the solution is ID-less or ID-based, advertisers’ one concern should be understanding their audiences’ interests. 

Future-proof your mobile branding strategy

At Ogury, we leaned on a concept called personification to build an advertising engine to address this challenge. Ogury has been at the forefront of this movement, reaping the benefits for our clients. Nearly a year after the launch of our Personified Advertising Engine, it’s time to ask “how well do you know Personified Advertising?” 

We’ve created a short quiz (6 questions) for you to test your knowledge and learn how this technology can benefit your mobile branding strategy. 

Continue your knowledge journey by getting your copy of “Age of Personified Advertising” eBook and “The Power of Attention” eBook.

Happy quizzing.

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