Meet the real Ogurians

With over 400 employees across 13 different global offices, Ogury has a lot of talent to showcase. In this new “Humans of Ogury” blog series, we’ll be spotlighting some of these talented Ogurians.

Meet our US Senior Marketing Manager, Charity Renfro. Charity is based in the New York office, and plans and manages all US events. Read on to learn about Charity’s Ogury journey. 

On your #roadtoadulting, what lead you to a career in events?

I moved to Europe to play basketball straight after graduating from college. After living in Munich and Madrid for a couple of years, I decided to come back to America to start a career outside of basketball. My college major was in Broadcast Journalism, which lead me to my first job as a production assistant at a TV station in Utah, and then my second job which was in advertising sales.

I was lucky to meet someone through networking, who offered me a marketing position at what would become my first tech start-up. The role varied day-to-day, and as more people were hired I was able to focus on what I enjoyed most, which was event planning.

How did you come across your role at Ogury?

I had always wanted to live in NYC, so I quit my job, sold my car and all my belongings, and bought a one-way ticket. Again lucky, I ended up at a mobile advertising start-up that was going through an acquisition with one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world. Post-merger integration, a colleague of mine at the agency went to Ogury, and let me know about a great marketing opportunity there, which I jumped at. 

Sounds like you enjoy working in tech and have a lot of experience at start-ups. What excites you most about it?

Tech is truly magic. It controls everything around us and is changing the world every day, so I love being a part of something that is bigger than all of us. I believe it’s possible to have a huge impact when you work on smaller teams, and working with people that are passionate every day is contagious. Plus, the care for culture is unmatched to any other industry. 

What do you enjoy most about working in events? 

No two events are the same and it’s uncommon to have an average day. There is so much variety that I am never bored. it always keeps me on my tall toes! Also, I love seeing people happy. Understanding and producing the wishes of our team or clients effectively is extremely rewarding. 

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. Living in NYC, traveling, social media trends, listening to our reps’ suggestions, and of course anything Rihanna does. For example, I follow some curly girls on Instagram and they tagged a professional hip hop violinist. I thought that would be a fun addition to an event and she was a huge hit at our holiday party!

Charity in action at SXSW

Ogury employees are AUTONOMOUS THINKERS. How do you apply this core value in the events you manage?

I always try and put myself in the shoes of the person at the event. How would I feel? What experience would I want? Attending work events can be awkward sometimes, so we have to make sure our guests are always engaged. Attention spans are short, people get bored and then they leave. I like ensuring people are always entertained, which requires being experimental. 

What’s your favorite thing about LIFE AT OGURY?

Definitely the people. The culture has shifted and changed a lot over the 2.5 years I’ve worked here. I was the 11th hire in the USA, and now we’re at 125 people in the US. The more people that join, the more the culture and energy grows. I’m so happy and proud to be a part of it. Not only the people internally, but also our clients. The sales team’s relationship with their clients make our events fun. Every event feels like a gathering of industry friends. 

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