Valid User Consent Advertising Strategy

How Samsung Powers Your Passion

Jul 25, 2019

Vanessa Gentile

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How can brands effectively implement a consumer-centric marketing strategy? To answer this question, I connected with Funbi Ibe, Marketing Director, Mobile Computing (Tablets & PC’s) at Samsung Electronics America at South by Southwest. Funbi and I discussed the innovations of technology, and how Samsung closes the user journey data gap to provide value to its consumers. Below is a video recap of our fireside chat and five key takeaways from our discussion.

1. Data differentiates consumers

Of course, a conversation on the innovations in technology had to begin with data. Funbi kicked off our discussion by highlighting how “Samsung is obsessed with making consumers’ lives better.” To do this, they need to completely understand who their consumer is and what their device behavior looks like, which can only be achieved through leveraging quality data. However, all consumers are different, and everyone uses their devices in such different ways, which can prove to be quite challenging. What Samsung is sure of, is that consumers want to be more mobile, and they want to be served information that they care about, and that is relevant to them.

2. User journeys have evolved

I dug a little deeper on how Samsung understands which content is relevant to which user. To no surprise, it all comes down to understanding the user’s journey. And this journey isn’t what it used to be. In the past, consumers were heavily influenced by traditional TV – a medium that was highly effective at reaching a broad audience. However, today’s audience has evolved, and their content consumption journey is no longer reliant on traditional media. Marketing strategies have to evolve along with the evolving consumer. If you want to reach consumers across their user journey, you have to have visibility into their digital behaviors. To effectively engage this consumer, Samsung ensures they “serve them information they care about.” Leveraging technological innovations, implementing innovative strategies and partnering with companies who can see outside their own ecosystem enables Samsung to understand what the user journey looks like, and what content they’ll be most interested in.

3. Conversion begins with attraction

Understanding these interests results in user attraction. Samsung attracts consumers to its brand based on demonstrated behaviors, as opposed to implementing broad targeting methods. They believe that if a product feature offers a real benefit to the consumer, they will pay attention and engage. The benefits of reaching consumers that demonstrate interest and show a high propensity to purchase based on their user journey will minimize wasted marketing spend and result in a more consumer-centric marketing strategy.

4. A mobile-first mindset shifts the future of work

The changing consumer journey doesn’t only impact the way consumers are attracted to a brand, it also impacts the way they work, and the way they live. Today’s mobile-first mindset shifts human behavior. With more freelancers and side hustlers, Samsung has embraced the new age of entrepreneurship by providing solutions to their challenges, and products that benefit the modern-day consumer. There’s a new way of living and a new way of working, and consumers need devices that can support this new lifestyle.

5. Technology ‘powers your passion’

Circling back to the key question on how to implement a consumer-centric marketing strategy, Funbi emphasized that brands should listen to their consumers, and consumers should “make their voices heard.” A strategy Samsung takes seriously. Samsung encourages consumers to inform them of what they want, which is vital to any successful strategy. “Consumers are speaking, and brands are listening”.

Ogury also places the user first, with valid user consent and a fair choice. Through serving an explicit, clear, simple and valid user consent notice to all users, Ogury provides them with the opportunity to share data in exchange for access to quality content, and relevant marketing, placing the user first and enabling our partners to implement consumer-centric marketing strategies built on quality consented first-party data.

Evan Rutchik, CRO, USA

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