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Some say it’s the biggest shift in digital advertising since the creation of the internet.

It’s not big data. It’s not AI. It’s not another fancy format. 

It’s much more important than all of that. 

What is it?

It’s a new and different approach to digital advertising.

It puts user choice and consent at the heart of all technology and ad execution. 

It’s privacy compliant by design.

And it’s being widely adopted by many of the biggest brands in the world, to deliver industry-leading performance, while ensuring data safety and brand safety, in a fraud-free environment. 

It’s called Choice Driven Advertising.

We’ve just released a meaty digital book that gives you a perfect overview and introduction to advertising driven by user choice – so you can see exactly how it can work for you, and why it’s the future.

So, why is this Choice Driven Advertising thing so important? 

We live in a trusted digital economy, where consumers are empowered by choice and control.

Strange then, that consumers still have little-to-no choice or control, over their own data or digital advertising experience. 

It’s always been this way. 

All because of one big lie…

“Content on the internet is free” 

Not true, of course. 

Consumers are actually paying with their data. 

It’s stolen to target them with unwanted ads.

But this is unsustainable.  

Consumers have recently witnessed high-profile data-privacy scandals all over the news and headlines. 

Netflix have even released a prime-time documentary about it – “The Great Hack”.

Consumers are now acutely aware of the way their data is taken and mishandled by the digital advertising industry.

What’s more, new data privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and equivalent laws around the world, dictate that collecting and using consumer data without consent, is punishable by law. 

The deceitful and opaque foundations upon which digital advertising used to be built, are thankfully crumbling.

A vital shift is occurring. 

Consumers now expect choice and control over their digital advertising experience. 

But how on earth can you put user choice at the center of your digital advertising strategy, without sacrificing reach and jeopardizing performance? 

It’s not as hard as you might think.

We explain all in An Introduction to Advertising Driven by User Choice

This digital book shows exactly how you can respond to the biggest shift in advertising since the creation of the internet. Outlining how you can adapt and reap the business rewards, all while complying with data privacy laws and building user trust.

The shift is real. We really want to help you get ahead of the curve. 

Hope you enjoy it!

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