Linking Mobile Strategy to Execution: Reliable Insights That Can Be Automatically Activated, at Scale

Sep 26, 2018

Vanessa Gentile

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A well informed, well-executed mobile strategy is paramount for any organization determined to compete and win in mobile today. And such a strategy is dependent on reliable insights that are readily actionable.

Marketers are aware of this, but there is a big gap between expectation and reality. When 74% of organizations claim they want to be ‘data-driven’, but only 29% say they are good at connecting their insights to action, the problem becomes self-evident. It’s one thing to have access to reams of customer data and a raft of insights tools, but quite another to have the ability to action those insights to deliver business results.

So what’s stopping organizations from having reliable insights and then linking them to actions? And how can it be achieved? These questions are answered below.

1. A Fragmented View, Means Fragmented Knowledge

Drawing insights from snapshots of the mobile user journey remains a common practice for many organizations. Why? Because most brands and marketers only have visibility into their own users’ behavior from the short time they spend in their own apps and sites. Today, this does not provide enough insight to inform a competitive mobile strategy. If you were to watch just two episodes from the middle of a season of ‘Game of Thrones’, you would not be in a position to recount the full story accurately due to incomplete knowledge. The same is true for insights. If you only understand a small fraction of the mobile user journey, your knowledge of a users’ preferences, intentions, behaviors, and affinities is incomplete. Therefore, your strategy suffers.

This restricted view also poses a serious issue for publishers. Current analytics tools might do a good job of revealing what users get up to in the few minutes spent per day they spend in publishers’ owned apps or websites. But with some studies now placing average daily device usage at five hours or higher, the majority of activity across the mobile user journey is left untracked. With little to no visibility into the performance of their competitors, and no view on where lost users go, or why they churn, publishers lack crucial insights.

2. Spending Big on Complex Solutions Is No Guarantee of Success

A staggering amount of money is spent on data and analytics, with the market worth more than $11bn in the US alone. Drawing insights from first-party data, campaign analytics, and third-party segments is an expensive business. And that’s before taking into account the time and budget necessary to recruit all manner of specialists, consultants, agencies, and solutions to try and activate these insights to deliver results that justify the investment. But even with a whole portfolio of expensive and labor-intensive insights products, organizations are often disappointed to discover that only outdated cookie pools can be readily activated.

Despite their best efforts, these platforms still can’t uncover the full mobile user journey, and turn insights into action to effectively market across it. It’s no wonder 58% of marketers say they struggle with technology selection, and only 41% are satisfied with their actionable analytics.

3. Your Audience Is Never ‘Exclusive’

In many conversations I’ve had with businesses about their existing audiences, the concept of ‘exclusive ownership’ is a common theme. Organizations talk about ‘their’ users, when in truth, these consumers are often also those of key competitors. When 41% of consumers admit to abandoning a brand due to poor personalization, understanding their wider behaviors becomes an essential insight in order to keep them engaged.

But this misplaced idea of ‘owning an audience’ should come as little surprise; it is a reflection of the ways in which audience reporting is designed around ‘unique visitors’. Organizations are being let down by insights platforms that fail to effectively demonstrate the range of affinities that their users have. Existing tools do not measure the levels to which audiences are shared with key competitors, or reveal who is gaining the most traction with these hard-fought-over consumers.

4. Map the Entire Mobile User Journey, Activate Unique Insights

Without insights that consider the complete picture of your audience’s behavior, you’re relying on educated guesswork. It’s only by mapping the entire mobile user journey – drawn from every site visited, and every app owned and used – that you can glean insights worthy of being relied upon.

Ogury insights are generated from the complete mobile user journeys of 400m+ consented profiles, 100% compliant with GDPR. These insights unveil the behavior of your customers, of those of your competitors, and identify potential customers you never knew you had.

Ogury’s Mobile Journey Marketing solutions then enable you immediately activate these findings in several ways. By exporting audience segments and individual device IDs, you can build campaigns, deliver accurate targeting across the entire mobile user journey, and execute your strategy. Furthermore, our purpose-built AI targeting and mediation technology does all the heavy lifting for you – optimizing campaign performance, and maximizing revenue from digital properties, in real-time. In other words, Ogury provides insights that can be actioned simply, automatically, and at scale, to effectively inform and execute your mobile strategy. And most importantly, make a difference to your bottom line.

If you would like to learn more about how this can be applied to your organization, please contact me directly:


Christophe Bize, VP Data & Analytics