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We’ve all been traveling on a very long flight. Some of us have spent it alone, and others with family, partners, roommates, or pets. Some have already landed while others are still flying high. 

The People of Ogury flew together, gliding over several countries, to see what each of us has been up to during this #LongestFlightEver. We shared our journey with each other via Ogury’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

The Longest Flight Ever Campaign spanned four weeks. Ogurians were asked to share their motivations during the lockdown and what they have been doing to ensure business as usual. They shared advice they’d like to give to brands, publishers, and advertisers today, and wrapped it up with their top entertainment recommendation. 

The many faces on the Longest Flight Ever

We traveled to Paris, France to meet with the Sales Director of France, Olivier Marty who shared that “consumer’s expectations and needs are evolving, as well as their digital habits, especially on mobile.” His advice to brands today is to “listen and understand these new digital habits, and adapt your message to meet new consumer expectations in a relevant way.”

We flew over New York City, USA to hear from US Sales Manager, Alex Jacobson. To stay productive, AJ said that he’s been “trying to use this time wisely, by taking the opportunity to learn and educate myself on subjects that I’m passionate about.”

Across the pond in London, UK, we wanted to see what Ogury’s Marketing Manager of Northern Europe, Charles Briens had to say. He advised brands to “share messages full of empathy” and to think “long-term because consumers will remember your actions taken today.”

Over in Milan, Italy, our Customer Success Manager, Giulia Petrosino recommends to “wear your heart on your sleeve” and to stay connected with your team and clients… oh, and try Tik Tok. 

In Singapore, our VP of Developing Markets, Adam Rubach‘s advice is to “look back over historical data to see what impact it had on brands that invested during uncertain times, in comparison to those that didn’t invest.” 

As we reached Sydney, Australia, Country Manager Chris Manson reminded brands that “all crisis’ end at some point, and when they do end, the consumer is still there and is still making brand decisions.”

If you’d like to relive the Longest Flight Ever journey with us, or simply get to know the People of Ogury, you can watch the #LFE videos here

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