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Invalid Traffic and Fraud schemes steal billions from advertisers every year, by misrepresenting impressions, clicks, conversion, or data events in order to generate revenue. This is not only a risk to your investment, but an obstacle in your mission of making an impact with your consumers. Many advertisers rely on third-party fraud reporting to assess campaign quality, but these technologies report on fraud after it happens, and the fraudsters have been paid.

A particular vulnerability in the mobile in-app space is App Spoofing. App Spoofing is when a fake, low volume, or brand unsafe app disguises itself as a more premium app to garner higher CPMs. Even industry-leading anti-fraud technology companies have trouble detecting this type of fraud pre-bid, and must resort to reporting on a mismatch in the bundle ID after the impression has been served.

Ogury is excited to announce that we have enhanced our Fraud Prevention capability with the addition of two new proactive technologies – ensuring that advertisers are protected pre-bid.  

App Spoofing Prevention

A unique, proprietary technology available only at Ogury. Our unique view into user app ownership catches when spoof apps have misrepresented where the impression will serve. When we receive a bid request that states where the ad will serve, we are able to check that the user actually owns the app in question – seeing instances of spoofing beyond what any third party vendor can detect. Fraud is blocked pre-bid, before your ad dollars are wasted on a spoofed impression. Mismatch apps are blocked, and we dynamically update an Anti-Spoof Safelist with verified publishers.

DoubleVerify pre-bid fraud avoidance

We have also partnered with DoubleVerify to integrate their pre-bid fraud avoidance technology, as an additional layer of protection. While many advertisers pay for DoubleVerify technology on top of campaign costs, this solution is applied to every Ogury campaign for no additional fee. We chose to partner with DoubleVerify as it is the market-leading solution for detecting and blocking the widest range of fraudulent activity types, with deterministic detection stopping new types of fraud before it can happen.  

Finally, Publishers within our network are required to provide an app-ads.txt file for validation of sellers and resellers of their inventory. When we run ad campaigns, we use inventory verified using app-ads.txt and sellers.json, staying in line with the IAB’s anti-fraud best practices for transparency.

Together, the combination of methods ensures a virtually fraud-free campaign, with <1% fraud reported by third-party measurement tools.

But blocking fraud is not the only way we protect your brand. Ogury Brand Protection includes measures to ensure the Data Safety and Brand Safety of your campaigns. These measures include:

  • 100% Traceable and Trusted Consent from 400M users
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • User Choice focused formats and strategies
  • Direct SDK relationships with inventory sources
  • Manual Publisher Vetting for quality assurance
  • Partnerships with Apple App Store & Google Play Store apps only

Find out more about Ogury Brand Protection here, or reach out to your Ogury account manager to activate Safe performance for your campaign today. 

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