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Our “People of Ogury” series showcases a different Ogurian each month from across the globe. This edition profiles Paris-based Senior Software Engineer, Chen Dai. Get to know another Ogurian who’s working to build our amazing team.

Describe your role at Ogury and the types of projects your team focuses on?

My team and I are in charge of applications and services that place advertisements on mobile websites and mobile apps. It’s essentially the ad serving part of Ogury where we have publishers on one side and advertisers on the other side. Our work is to make this centralized hub be able to handle a high volume of traffic and match ad placement and ad content with several optimizations such as targeting or income.

As a senior software engineer, I craft software, of course. I mentor junior and mid-level colleagues, improve existing products, collaborate with teams to brainstorm and create new ones. I also spread good practices and grow Ogury’s engineering culture. You can read a Tech Snack blog article I wrote on A/B testing.

What excites you most about working in tech?

I believe I can make a difference and play a role in building the future. Tech is one of the industries where you can actually build something, see the change in people’s lives and get their feedback quite quickly. At Ogury, there are thousands and thousands of releases on our platform every year that constantly improve our products such as ads’ look and feel so that they can actually be interesting to our users.

​​What do you enjoy most about life at Ogury?

I love the people at Ogury. They are talented, sincere and fun. Someone always gives you a hand when you shout out for help, and even my worst jokes earn a laugh from my buddies. Nobody sits in a bad situation and only complains. Well, even when people complain they are trying to find a solution to that and make it better.

What Ogury Value do you most identify with and why? How do you embody this value in your everyday work?

All of our values are important and one could not work without the others, but there is one that has become my personal label in Ogury – Execution. I never shy away from any challenge at work and I keep focused on getting things done. I’m a doer. We should all be doers. Do it with responsibility, do it with quality, do it with purpose. 

What advice would you give to a new Ogurian coming into the business to help them succeed?

First of all, welcome. Ogury is such a diverse and inclusive organization that you’ll find your place and fully express your talent and skills.

Here are a few tips for you: 

  • Stay curious 
  • Shout for help whenever you need it 
  • Above all, live the experience and have fun. 

Connect with Chen on LinkedIn.

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