Federica Vatrano

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Our “People of Ogury” series showcases a different Ogurian each month from across the globe. This edition profiles Federica Vatrano, our People Ops Coordinator in Milan. Get to know another Ogurian who’s working to build our amazing team.

What led you to become a People Ops Coordinator at Ogury?

Firstly, I was enthusiastic about the opportunity of working for a digital company that offers a unique product in the market that can evolve the ads space and user experience. There are 3 things that really inspired me:

  1. I was thrilled by the fact that this was a new role in Italy and I had the opportunity to shape it, create value and make an impact with my experience.
  2. The modern environment with lots of talented individuals that work to make a difference every day.
  3. Ogury is a global company with a great culture.

Ogury employees embody GRIT. How do you apply this core value to your work?

The psychological definition of Grit contains two components: The ability to stick to long-term goals and the ability to keep going despite adversity. I try to apply these principles at work, get better every day on things that are not my key strengths, surround myself with gritty people and positive influences. Being naturally smart and talented is great, but to truly do well and thrive we need the ability to persevere.

We are currently living in unprecedented times – what behaviors did you adopt to get through it?

This is not an easy one! I lived in the UK for nine years and decided in December 2019 to move back to Italy in March 2020. Unfortunately, in February 2020 COVID-19 changed our lives. My initial plans were no longer achievable and I had to adapt. I think the ability to adapt to change is the behavior I would encourage everyone to embrace, both personally and professionally. The second behavior is to be helpful to each other. During the pandemic, we all went through the same challenge and the fact that we were all in the same boat enabled us to tackle it with more maturity than ever. It also made the situation slightly more bearable and it was important to feel that we were not alone.

What do you enjoy most about life at Ogury?

Life at Ogury can be quite hectic. What I enjoy the most is the fact that no two days are the same and people make it very easy to pull things together. People of Ogury work together not just in theory. We are such a big family and the aim is to get bigger and bigger!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Personal: Stepping out of your comfort zone will lead you to an amazing experience and you will never want to go back.

Professional: There is no learning experience without failures and mistakes.

What advice would you give to a new Ogurian coming into the business to help them succeed?

Be prepared for an amazing adventure and do not be afraid to ask. Keep your attitude positive and your Grit up! Always!

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