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Ogury’s “People of Ogury” series showcases a different Ogurian each month from across the globe. This edition profiles Cologne-based Sales Manager, Nasir Khawaja. Read on to learn about Nasir’s Ogury journey.

What did you do straight after graduating?

I started my career at OMD as a Media Planner which is where I learned the 101 of media marketing. After 3 years at OMD, I then decided to move to tech. I realized I enjoy both tech and media so I thought that Ogury would be the perfect match.

How did you come across your role at Ogury?

I was introduced to Ogury by our MD DACH, Jan Heumüller. I knew Jan from his time at TABMO and so I messaged him on XING (the German LinkedIn). We had a chat the next day! The combination of Ogury’s product and Jan’s experience establishing strong companies (DATAXU / TABMO) in Germany convinced me to join. 

Describe your role at Ogury and the types of projects your team focuses on?

My main role is to drive revenue for the company by pitching Ogury’s unique USPs and by building strong relationships with our brand and agency partners. This ultimately helps to establish Ogury as a leader within the German mobile marketing industry.

What excites you most about working in tech?

A “tech” company can sound boring to some, but it’s actually quite exciting to see what we can do with our technology. Ogury generates unique audience insights, and we deliver a safe activation, all thanks to our tech. That is our strong USP. We deliver more than an impression, view, or click. We deliver a real added value to our partners.

What is unique about Ogury compared to other companies you’ve worked for?

Besides the product, it’s the people and culture that I love at Ogury. Everyone is supportive all around the globe. As a team, Ogury encourages one another to succeed – whether that be in closing revenue or growing a moustache – it really doesn’t matter.

Ogury employees embody GRIT. How do you apply this core value to your work?

I try to embody this in my role by being super involved in all aspects of a campaign, from insights to reporting. I also like to get involved in activities beyond my specific role. This includes organizing events and supporting charitable initiatives. 

You have recently worked on and launched the Ogury Movember campaign. What motivated you to support this internal initiative?

The UK team participated in Movember last year and they were planning to do the same this year. I was eager to get involved and excited to promote it more broadly to the rest of the company. Besides the fact that Movember is an amazing foundation, it was also great to work with all the ambassadors from other offices. I’m looking forward to seeing more and more involvement each year.

Nasir doesn’t only save it for November to grow a mo

Can you tell us more about how you organized the campaign and what your strategy was behind it? 

After pitching this idea to my favorite french colleague, our strategy was to find local Ogury ambassadors who would push this movement to their markets. We also thought about ways to keep it as easy as possible for our colleagues so that anyone could participate. People could participate by growing a moustache, moving each day, donating to the cause, or by promoting awareness of the foundation. After creating some amazing new banners and logos with our design team, we had our message in front of the company. Aside from the internal campaign, we also organized a Movember webinar for our clients in EMEA to learn more about men’s health. We were able to raise more than $2,000 for the Movember Foundation. 

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