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This installment of Ogury’s “People of Ogury” series profiles our London-based Senior Graphic Designer, Anastasia Gkartzopoulou. This series showcases different Ogurians each month from across the globe. Get to know Anastasia below. 

What did you do after graduating from University?

Straight after I graduated I was employed at a big publication house, and soon after that, I started working for Vogue magazine in Greece. It was a really valuable first experience as a graphic designer.

How did you come across your role at Ogury?

Before joining Ogury I had been working in Ad Tech for about 4 years. I was approached by a previous colleague who was working at Ogury and recommended me for the position of Senior Designer. After that, I met the marketing team and I was convinced that working at Ogury would be a great opportunity for me.

Describe your role at Ogury and the types of projects your team focuses on?

My role at Ogury is to be a brand guardian and ensure that all the digital and print communications have a consistent look and feel, and successfully represent our vision and mission. Part of my role is to work with different stakeholders and provide design support and guidance to every team across the company.

Anastasia and the rest of the marketing team at their latest summit in Paris

What is unique about Ogury compared to other companies you’ve worked for?

What makes Ogury a great place to work is the people, everyone is hardworking, creative, and supportive and we all push the boundaries to achieve the best possible outcomes on a daily basis.

You have recently worked on and helped launch the Ogury Movember initiative. What motivated you to help with this internal initiative?

Working for the Movember initiative was a great opportunity to collaborate with people from different departments for a good cause, and I’m glad I was given the chance to work on the creatives in order to raise awareness and funds for men’s health.

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