Meet Jérémy, Ogury’s Design Lead based in Paris. Jérémy is a valued member of the Product team. He has imparted a wealth of cognitive science and human science knowledge on his team in the (almost) two years that he has been with Ogury.

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Read on to learn more about Jérémy’s journey to and at Ogury.

What lead you to become a Product Design Manager at Ogury?

I have had solid experiences as a Product Designer in the past, particularly specialized in qualitative analysis and micro-interactions. My doctoral research naturally led me to be interested in a mixed methods approach, oriented towards the analysis of the user experience from a qualitative and quantitative point of view. From there, in order to be able to apply these methods, I wanted to integrate into an organization dealing with a lot of user data.

I joined Ogury in September 2018 as Sr. Product Designer. Thanks to my experience and the willingness of the Product team to always better anticipate user needs, we were able to quickly scale the Product Design department. I am now part of the Lead Product team, where I represent the Design with my team.

Describe your role at Ogury and your team’s mission?

As Product Design Lead, I manage designers and specialized profiles such as User Experience designers. I am also in charge of Product Design strategy and creative vision, evangelism around the value of Design, and the organization of Product Design.

Designers have three missions:

  • Make Ogury products more intuitive, useful, pleasant, coherent and valuable for all user types
  • To be strong user advocates and promoters of innovative experiences with a positive impact
  • Build, improve and spread Ogury design knowledge across the organization

We work closely with the Product and Development teams, and also with Marketing, Supply, and Client Success.

We see Design as a system and all Ogurians are part of it.

What excites you most about working in Design?

Design is everywhere.

We are responsible for the quality of the experience provided by Ogury’s products and services. From that point on, the designer’s work becomes exciting. Our approach allows us to be close to our users, for example, we carry out user tests on the street or in the subway. We also transmit information, especially when we bring together various departments to conduct co-design workshops. We are also involved in the business objectives of the organization and of our customers. It is with this empathy and our general knowledge that we are able to “connect the dots” to make room for innovation.

Team spirit, problem-solving, hypothesis validation, and creativity are the things that excite me the most on a daily basis.

Jérémy’s preview of his last conference at Le Wagon Bordeaux

What is unique about Ogury compared to other companies you’ve worked for?

The people.

When I came to Ogury, I was impressed by the accessibility of people. We all have our role in this organization, but the Ogurians are always available, and always caring. We regularly share time outside the office. Everyone has things in common even if they are not from the same department or country. Ogury has naturally developed a strong culture and that is what makes it a pleasant place to be every day.

The goals we aim for and the values we share are only true because the Ogurians make it possible. I am proud to be part of this big family and this great adventure. It’s just the beginning.

What Ogury Value do you embody most and why?

It’s hard to choose between the five Ogury values: Grit, Autonomous Thinking, Integrity, Humility, and Execution.

From a Design point of view, Product Designers will generally be in charge of producing or optimizing a few bricks of experience in an existing set. To do this, they will have to do a “seamless” job: build without disjoining. Being able to do this requires a great part of humility.

Personally, the value I appreciate most is integrity. It is a value that I consider fundamental. Ogury has always been transparent in its methods, with its teams, and in its organization. It is by following this example that I organize my actions and my communication, but it is also a foundation of my vision for Design.

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