Ogury Acquires Adincube - FAQs

Apr 10, 2018


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In April 2018 Ogury officially acquired Adincube, making its Intelligent Mediation solution the third pillar of the company’s suite of solutions for mobile publishers, Ogury for Apps. Below is a quick reference document designed to answer the most frequently asked questions surrounding the acquisition and what it means for existing and prospective customers of Adincube and Ogury.

For anything not covered here, feel free to forward your queries to – supply@ogury.com


What did Ogury announce?

Ogury announces the acquisition of Adincube, a leading mediation solution for mobile publishers.


How much was the deal?

The terms of the deal are undisclosed.


What does Adincube do?

Despite the abundance of mediation solution options available, mobile publishers still struggle to optimize ad revenue and fill 100% of their inventory. Maximum yield is not being realized, and valuable revenue is being left on the table. Adincube Intelligent Mediation solves this problem.

Through one simple integration, Adincube Intelligent Mediation uses artificial intelligence to boost publishers’ ad revenue by an average of 218%. The SDK optimizes revenue between all demand sources and buying metrics on the market, ensuring maximum yield from every single impression. Additionally, it gathers publishers’ earnings and pays out immediately.


How does Adincube Intelligent Mediation work?

One SDK plugs publishers into all demand sources on the market eliminating the need for adapters or manual set up of individual accounts. Adincube Intelligent Mediation technology then analyses every available campaign, ad network, ad exchange, buying metric, and creative format in real-time, at ad request level.

Using multi-level machine learning, the Adincube Intelligent Mediation algorithm identifies predicted earnings from all performance campaigns (CPI, CPL, CPC), converts them into an accurate eCPM, and puts them in competition with all CPM campaigns. The algorithm is entirely unbiased, and selects the highest yielding ad at the moment an impression is served.


Why is Ogury acquiring Adincube?

The mobile ad-tech and mar-tech industry continues to boom. Consolidation of the industry indicates the commercial necessity for rapid growth, but more importantly, it highlights the demand for a less disparate marketplace. One-stop solutions are fast becoming favored in an already ultra-complex landscape. The major challenge from a product perspective is to ensure genuine holistic value is being delivered, avoiding the futile attempt to be all things to all men.

Following the acquisition of Adincube, Ogury has identified an opportunity to deliver a first of its kind, one-stop solution that adds unprecedented value to mobile publishers.


How does Adincube fit into Ogury’s strategy?

Following the acquisition, Adincube Intelligent Mediation becomes the third pillar in Ogury for Apps; the company’s suite of solutions for publishers. Active Insights provides app publishers with first-of-a-kind actionable behavioral data about their own users, those of their competitors, and the wider app ecosystem. Augmented Monetisation provides exclusive premium demand, infused with intelligent first-party data to deliver the highest CPMs in the market. Adincube Intelligent Mediation closes the loop, offering a bespoke unbiased mediation layer that fills and monetizes every available impression.

With Ogury for Apps, never before have publishers had so much power to fuel their commercial and strategic growth. For the first time, one platform offers publishers the ability to unearth coveted insights about all users and apps within the mobile ecosystem, access data enriched premium demand, and monetize 100% of their inventory with AI-powered optimization. In short – skyrocketing overall CPM and ARPU, without requiring any additional time, effort, or third-party technology.


How does the addition of Adincube Intelligent Mediation position Ogury vs. competitive offerings, as well as in the broader ecosystem?

The addition of Adincube Intelligent Mediation propels Ogury into a category of its own. There are no other companies able to provide mobile publishers with a one-stop solution for holistic monetization and commercial automation.

Competitors of Ogury’s Augmented Monetization are all operated by ad networks. Unlike Ogury, their products were not built from the ground up to collect granular user data. Consequently, Ogury is the only data company that can offer such a broad spectrum of brand campaigns to publishers in previously off-limit verticals such as gaming and utility apps.

Unbiased mediation competitors are unable to compete with the ad revenue increase provided by AdinCube Intelligent Mediation, as Ogury data fuels the continuous improvement of the optimization algorithm.

Conclusively, no other company offers deep actionable insights on publishers’ users and competitors’ users. Unrivaled user based premium monetization. Automated ad revenue optimization for every impression. All in one place.


How does Adincube Intelligent Mediation differ from Header Bidding?

Adincube Intelligent Mediation is completely unique compared to header bidding. However, due to the attention that header bidding has attracted over the last two years, publishers perceive it to be the holy grail for monetization. But it rarely delivers. The vast number of limitations caused by header bidding were observed carefully by the Adincube team. Each one was addressed and solved. The following table explains how:

Header Bidding Adincube Intelligent Mediation
CPMs and fill rates are low, as only a limited number of demand sources support Header Bidding.
Adincube Intelligent Mediation integrates all major ad networks, ad exchanges, DSPs and campaigns on the market. Meaning there is relevant, high yielding demand, for every impression.
Header bidding solutions only support CPM campaigns, meaning 80% of the demand market is ignored.
Adincube Intelligent Mediation predictive technology converts CPI, CPL and CPA performance campaigns in to a highly accurate eCPM. Putting them in competition with CPM. All demand in entire the market is available for publishers.
Integrating multiple demand sources with Header bidding can cause latency and decrease user experience, because optimization is done client side.
Adincube Intelligent Mediation can integrate an infinite amount of demand partners, as optimization is done server side. Which will never cause latency.
Most SSPs use second price auction with Header bidding, meaning publishers don’t receive the highest possible yield for every impression. With second price auctions, if you receive a bid for $12 from Advertiser A and a bid for $2 from Advertiser B, you will typically receive a payment of $2.01 from Advertiser A.
Adincube Intelligent Mediation proprietary dynamic floor optimisation flattens the waterfall, and does not use second price auctions. We place dynamic floors at regular intervals. Meaning, if you receive a bid for $12 from Advertiser A and a bid for $2 from Advertiser B, you will receive a payment of $11.01 from Advertiser A (instead $2.01). See diagram here for more information.
Header bidding is only available on mobile web, not in app.
Adincube Intelligent Mediation is available in app and on mobile web.

Who should Adincube customers and partners contact for support, services, and sales?

Customers are welcome to contact the same account managers and representatives as before with any queries.


What about Adincube independence?

Adincube Intelligent Mediation will remain as unbiased as ever. What’s more, unlike ad network owned solutions, Ogury’s campaigns can be deactivated by the publisher at any time. For more information on how this neutrality towards all networks will be upheld, read more here.


Where can I find more information about Adincube Intelligent Mediation?

More information about Adincube Intelligent Mediation can be found here: https://www.ogury.com/ogury-for-apps/



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