Ogury Data Powers eMarketer Mobile Music Study

Jun 20, 2018

Vanessa Gentile

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Mobile devices have fundamentally changed the way that we consume digital entertainment, particularly music. As well as a plethora of apps and streaming services available today, the number of people streaming music through their phones reached an all time high of over 107 million last year. To explore this trend further, eMarketer recently ran a study to uncover the behavior of French and German mobile music users, enlisting Ogury to provide its unparalleled, unique user data.

Ogury’s data found that Skyrock Radio had the greatest amount of active users amongst music apps in France, with an impressive 86.9%. The globally popular streaming app Spotify enjoyed an active user total of 56.1%, which goes some way to support eMarketer’s opening hypothesis that music streaming and downloads might overtake physical music sales in France this year.

In France, people spent the most time per session on music discovery app Shazam, with an average of 11 minutes 22 seconds. Similarly, in Germany, Shazam had one of the longest session times with an average of 10 minutes 36 seconds, although it didn’t manage to clinch the top spot from Deezer, where users spent an average of 12 minutes 14 seconds per session.

Although the data suggests that Germans tend to use music streaming services to a lesser extent than their French counterparts, Spotify was more successful there with 61.8% active users, only just coming second to SoundCloud (64.4% active users).

Our findings showed that Amazon’s Alexa currently has 5% adoption rate in Germany, but 44% of its active users called upon it to play music for them, giving credence to eMarketer’s theory that voice-activated music streaming will increase in the near future.

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