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Advertisers dedicate billions of dollars each year in pursuit of brand awareness, but are still challenged with how to safely reach relevant audiences across mobile environments. 

They can choose to employ data-safe strategies like contextual or semantic targeting, which are being rushed to the market by various companies. But, these tactics lack audience intelligence and are imprecise. Or, advertisers can target individual users by tracking their interests and behaviors, but doing so can be invasive and risky.

Whichever strategy they choose for their mobile campaign, it will likely work for only one of the two mobile environments – app or web. That’s because carrying a user’s data across environments for targeting requires the use of a device graph, which is problematic for a number of reasons: 

  • Lack of precision. Low match rates force AdTech vendors to use heavy modelling and lookalikes when they cannot accurately find a user across environments. 
  • Disrespectful of user privacy. Consumers feel distrustful and followed, as they don’t understand how cross-environment targeting is being conducted. 
  • Reliant on technology that is on death-row. Device graphs rely on cookies and identifiers, which as we know have a limited shelf life.

That’s where Ogury comes in. To support the launch of mobile web for our campaigns, we have designed a breakthrough technology that brings our unique, in-app audience data onto the mobile web – without the use of identifiers.

Our solution works seamlessly across both mobile environments. It enables precise reach with relevant audiences, without the use of invasive user data, identifiers, or device graphs – making it future proof.

Introducing Personified Targeting

Ogury’s personified targeting uses a unique set of personification data at scale for highly relevant mobile web targeting. Our approach ensures 100% user privacy and is future-proof for an identifier-less world.

An unparalleled personification dataset

Ogury augments best-in-class contextual and semantic data, with our powerful and unique audience data at scale. Ogury’s audience data gives a deep understanding of publishers’ audiences behaviors and accurate insights into their interests. It is founded on six years of unique mobile journey data, and continually validated and enriched with:

  • Survey responses at scale, generating zero-party, self-declared data
  • User ad choices and interactions, providing self-targeting data

This integrated dataset, mapped to the app or webpage, grows richer at scale with each ad served and every survey answered. It enables unique understanding of the audiences of millions of web pages.

Personified Targeting in Action

When Ogury adds multiple layers of unique personification data to qualify a raw impression, it transforms into a personified impression. A final layer of protection verifies that each impression is safe and fraud-free. The end result is Valid Personified Impressions at scale.

Personified Targeting

Throughout the campaign, the process of Smart-Matching finds those Valid Personified Impressions with audience attributes that match those defined by the brand for their campaign’s target persona. This process ensures audience precision and reach.

Smart Matching

Real-time learning from each ad served ensures ever-increasing relevancy, driving superior campaign performance.

Ogury + Mobile Web

Today, we’ve expanded our reach and become a cross-environment mobile player with the addition of exclusive, in-web Thumbnail ads. 

And with personified targeting, your campaign can leverage Ogury’s powerful and safe data and audience intelligence for in-web targeting. That means precise reach with relevant audiences across environments, with 100% user privacy and a future-proof execution – no compromises.

To find out more about Personified Targeting, or to request a demo, reach out to the team via the form below.

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