Ogury is OMID certified by MOAT for mobile web thumbnail video

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We are happy to announce that Ogury is one of the first companies to be Open Measurement Interface Definition (OMID) certified by Oracle Moat for web video placements. This certification was earned for our thumbnail Video format that displays on mobile browsers. 

Measurement and verification of mobile placements have traditionally presented technical challenges that have resulted in advertisers’ reluctance to deliver branding campaigns on mobile. Digital advertising needed standardization because safe and viewable inventory is non-negotiable when it comes to delivering effective branding.

OMID has revolutionized digital advertising by lifting technical measurement and verification challenges across mobile environments. For years, Ogury has provided brands with measurable viewability on 100% of impressions with the largest supply of OMID compliant in-app inventory. 

After expanding our reach and becoming a cross-environment mobile player with the addition of exclusive, in-web thumbnail video, we set out to provide advertisers with the same standard of protection and quality of our inventory for mobile web as we do in-app.

In addition to our OMID certification by the IAB Tech Lab, we’re proud to also be OMID certified by Oracle Moat for mobile web thumbnail video, allowing us to offer our clients confidence in the viewability of our inventory.

We congratulate Ogury on achieving OMID certification for mobile web video, showcasing the company’s commitment to quality inventory. Oracle Moat has long been a proponent of IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement standards and we look forward to continue supporting our clients in using them as we push for a more open, transparent advertising ecosystem.

Mark Kopera, head of product, Oracle Moat

This certification is our next step to building a world of highly effective and sustainable advertising, anchored in consumer privacy protection.

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