Ogury is OMID certified by the IAB Tech Lab for mobile web Thumbnail video

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We are pleased to announce that Ogury is the first company to be certified for the Open Measurement (OM) SDK for Web Video by the IAB Tech Lab, with certification earned for our Thumbnail video format that displays on mobile browsers.

In 2018, The Open Measurement initiative enabled transparent third-party viewability measurement for in-app advertising with the release of the Open Measurement SDK for Android and iOS platforms. Apps that integrated this SDK made their inventory OMID (Open Measurement Interface Definition) compliant and measurable across third-party verification vendors. At Ogury, we integrated this technology within our own SDK, creating a large OMID-compliant network of in-app placements.

Now, the same standardized third-party viewability and verification measurement is available for video ads served on web browsers. And we are the first in the market to certify our in-web placements as compatible.

The IAB Tech Lab provides a voluntary service for partners to certify their OM SDK integrations. With certification, IAB Tech Lab tests the OM SDK Integrator’s implementation to verify that it complies with all OMID requirements.

We are proud to be the first partner to receive this certification for the web video. As Ogury campaigns serve across apps and the mobile web, advertisers can use unified OMID tags to seamlessly measure viewability across both environments.

The importance of open measurement for web video

Measurement and verification of mobile placements have been a technical challenge that has resulted in advertisers’ hesitance to deliver branding campaigns on mobile. Without a measure of media quality with viewability results, they could not be assured their ads were seen by the end user.

The OM SDK reshaped the viewability measurement landscape in 2018 for mobile app measurement. It removed the app publisher’s requirement of multiple vendor integrations, creating OMID compliant in-app inventory that could be measured by any vendor. With advertisers viewing reports that confirmed the viewable nature of in-app placements, advertisers became aware of the safe opportunity for branding in this environment.

The Open Measurement Working Group (OMWG) was forward-thinking in its vision and anticipated that this mobile in-app success would need to be replicated across platforms and channels. After this realization, the Open Measurement for Web Video SDK was released.

Similar to the OMWG, Ogury is also forward-thinking, which is why we are the first company to be certified by IAB Tech Lab for our mobile web Thumbnail video.

With this certification comes direct access to safe and cost-effective inventory, which is one of the pillars in our ability to drive superior branding performance.

Ogury’s journey to certification

For years, Ogury has provided brands with measurable viewability on 100% of their impressions with the largest supply of OMID compliant in-app inventory.

We have recently expanded our reach and become a cross-environment mobile player with the addition of exclusive, in-web Thumbnail video.

To ensure we offer the same standard of protection and quality of our inventory for mobile web as we do in-app, we started the integration of the IAB Tech Lab’s mobile web SDK months before its official release.

Today, our breakthrough technology brings our unique, in-app audience data onto the mobile web – without the use of identifiers. Ogury’s Personified Advertising uses a unique set of personification data at scale for highly relevant mobile web targeting. Our approach ensures 100% user privacy and is future-proof for an identifier-less world.

What’s ahead

Digital advertising needs standardization because safe and viewable inventory is non-negotiable when it comes to delivering effective branding. Thanks to IAB Tech Lab, advertisers can easily access reporting to validate their partners and platforms. The IAB Tech Lab Compliance Programs enable companies to earn credibility for adhering to a set of global industry technical standards in digital advertising.

“Ogury was the first company to certify their OM SDK integrations for mobile web video, which is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing quality and cost-effective inventory. As more companies follow suit, the digital advertising industry will become safer, more transparent and more efficient.”

Shailey Singh, Acting General Manager, IAB Tech Lab

This certification is our next step to building a world of highly effective and sustainable advertising, anchored in consumer privacy protection.

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