Amazon TAM and Ogury partnership

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We are very excited to unveil our recent partnership with APS’ Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM). 

As a header bidding partner of TAM, Ogury can now provide mobile web publishers with unique qualitative international demand, in a fair and transparent auction environment. 

What does this mean for publishers?

Ease of integration and setup

Because TAM is a server-side solution, publishers don’t need to worry about additional development to connect to Ogury’s unique demand. Publishers need only complete the server-side setup to start monetizing with Ogury.

Decreased Latency

One ad call and Transparent Ad Marketplace handles the rest from the server side. Server-to-server header bidding auctions are usually faster since they don’t consume computing resources on the client side.

Access to unique qualitative demand

TAM is a cloud-based header bidding solution that provides publishers with differentiated access to more leading ad buyers through one straightforward integration. Ogury’s unique demand will now compete with its own proprietary formats (Thumbnail & Header Ad) and standard iAB (Footer).

This partnership reflects Ogury’s goal to create more transparent and fair working practices within the digital advertising space.

Learn more about Ogury & Amazon TAM here

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