Ogury is OMID certified by IAS

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We are excited to announce that Ogury is the first company to be OMID (Open Measurement Interface Definition) verified globally by Integral Ad Science (IAS), a global leader in digital media quality, for our mobile web thumbnail video ad placements.

This follows our mobile web OMID certification by the IAB Tech Lab, in which we were also the first partner to be certified. OMID has revolutionized digital advertising by lifting technical measurement and verification challenges across in-app and mobile web environments.

Ogury is proud to be the first IAS partner to achieve OMID compliance for mobile web video ads. It allows us to offer our clients the same standard of viewability measurement in mobile web as we do for in-app. Now, with one single video tag, the IAS Unified Video Tag*, Ogury is able to measure viewability for video ads in mobile web, without any VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition) compliant inventory, as well as in mobile in-app environments.

As Ogury campaigns serve across apps and mobile web, clients can ask for Unified Video Tags from IAS and provide them to Ogury to agnostically track viewability metrics across mobile web and in-app environments via OMID. 

This creates a seamless experience for our clients and provides optimized viewability measurement for 100% of their campaigns, which can be easily monitored in their IAS dashboard. 

“Trust and transparency in digital media quality is crucial,” says Lu Tian, Vice President, Partner Solutions, Integral Ad Science. “IAS’s OMID compliance program supports standardization within digital advertising, enabling better measurement globally. Ogury is the first partner approved by IAS for viewability measurement on OMID-enabled mobile web video, demonstrating a commitment to quality inventory and full-creative viewable formats for their clients. Adoption of OMID is rising, and this is an important step forward to support viewability measurement and move beyond VPAID.”

This IAS integration certification supports Ogury in continuing to provide fully visible and engaging formats, and quality and cost-effective inventory, while ensuring protection for brands and consumers’ privacy.

* IAS Unified Video Tag allows for the seamless measurement of all video inventory across Web, Mobile In-App, and connected TV (CTV) devices, all on the same placement.

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