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We are pleased to announce that Ogury has become a member of the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN). Its mission is to apply ethics to digital advertising and stop abuse by highlighting the conscious choices that advertisers and agencies can make to ensure good practice. CAN upholds six golden rules (a.k.a. manifestos) to affect change in the advertising industry: anti ad-fraud, diversity, informed consent, hate speech, children’s wellbeing and fake news.

At Ogury, we have been active in other similar initiatives in the U.S., like the Coalition for Better Ads, so joining CAN was a natural fit for us. We fully support CAN’s golden rules and are committed to providing sustainable ad results for advertisers and publishers.

We pride ourselves on offering our partners choice-driven ads that respect consumer privacy and provide a superior user experience through innovative formats like our award-winning  Thumbnail Ad. At the same time, we protect our partners against unsafe and toxic data, inappropriate content and all types of fraud.

We recognize the AdTech industry’s responsibility to ensure ethical and sustainable practices within the advertising ecosystem, and look forward to partnering with CAN on future projects to build on the foundations that have been laid. 

We are extremely excited to have Ogury join the Conscious Advertising Network and our mission to stop advertising abuse, and the funding of online misinformation and harmful content by advertisers. Advertising funds the internet and by joining us, Ogury has taken an important further step in its commitment to providing sustainable ad results for advertisers and publishers. It is more important than ever for the advertising industry to come together to defund hate speech, unsafe and toxic data, and misinformation.

Jake Dubbins
Co-chair at The Conscious Advertising Network

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