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Our Pride month celebrations have become a key focus for us internally over the past few years. We know that our people are the key to our success and we want to take every opportunity to embrace and celebrate what makes us different.

This year, we emphasized raising funds internally and sharing tools and resources to help educate Ogurians on the challenges still faced by the LGBTQ+ in order to support in continuing to create an environment where everyone feels safe, has access to the same opportunities, and is excited about bringing their most authentic selves to work. Everyday. Here’s what we got up to…

Launching the Ogury Learning Bootcamp

Ogury’s Learning Bootcamp was established to create impactful and enriching learning experiences for all Ogurians. As part of Ogury’s Pride celebrations, the first workshop launched was focused on Breaking Unconscious Bias. This was an opportunity for Ogurian’s to understand their own bias and be given the tools to mitigate stereotypical assumptions and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

#snaptheflag challenge

We are all familiar with the beautiful rainbow flag that symbolizes Pride, which is presented in all shapes and forms throughout the month of June. At Ogury, we decided to turn our offices into rainbows, too, and we had a great response from the teams on our challenge to share a picture of themselves on our internal social media platform with a rainbow flag or object in exchange for a donation from Ogury to Stonewall.

#snaptheflag challenge at Ogury

Locally organized events 

Some of our offices also hosted Pride-themed events. In Paris, Ogurians were invited to join in on afternoon tea in a fully decorated office whilst in our London and New York offices, Pride bingo events were hosted by the fabulous drag queens: Tiffany and Shequida Hall.

The road ahead

At Ogury, our vision unites us all. But we know that it takes people from all walks of life to come together and make it happen!

We are working hard to continue to build a unique and winning culture that embraces and champions our differences and our Pride campaign is one of the many ways we are doing that. 

We aim to continue driving change by offering development experiences, volunteer opportunities and moments to connect and we invest in and support our Employee Resource Groups as we recognise they play a key part in ensuring we continue to build a business where everyone has an equal chance of success.

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