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We’re thrilled to share the news that Ogury has received the “Top 50 Tech Companies” award by Intercon, who honors excellence in the technology space. 

In addition to this award, Ogury’s co-founder and co-Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Pasquet was awarded the “Top 50 Tech Visionaries award”.

An experienced, serial entrepreneur, Thomas has been recognized for his contribution to technology. Having previously successfully founded other technology companies, Thomas and his co-founder, Jean Canzoneri, were both convinced that a significant opportunity still existed within technology to offer a solution outside of the dominant players. 

In 2014 they founded Ogury with the vision that the signals contained in user journeys on mobile, combined with technology, could be turned in to data that predicts human behaviors, intentions, and interests. 

Together with their dream team, Jean & Thomas have created something that is changing the marketing world as we know it.

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