Permission over forgiveness: How companies can comply with CCPA

Jun 30, 2020

Alexandra Matthews

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I am excited to share my next article in a series of op-eds with AW360. Today, July 1, is the day that CCPA is being enforced in the U.S. My latest article titled, “Permission Over Forgiveness: How Companies Can Comply With CCPA” is a focused discussion around how businesses and publishers (like you) can better understand the importance of asking permission over forgiveness. You can read it here to gather insights around how to best ready yourself for the CCPA regulation.

Here are key takeaways you will gather from reading this article:

  • Why the industry needs to take a stand and insist that permission is more important than forgiveness.
  • The differences between CCPA and GDPR.

Marketing dollars will follow the cleanliness of the data, the inventory, and the ecosystem overall. Brands will feel far more comfortable investing in something when they know they’re getting real humans that want to see ads. Let’s give them permission to make their own choices.

Evan Rutchik, CRO