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Privacy first targeting solutions

Ogury Head of CPG Sales Drew Childers was recently invited to discuss cookieless advertising and the opt-out consumer world on The CPG Guys podcast.

During the podcast, Drew explained how early adoption of alternative ID-less targeting solutions gave Ogury an advantage in the emerging privacy-first advertising space.

“When we talk about the transition into cookieless and ID-less, it’s a very exciting topic for us because we have been poised and ready for this for the five years that I have been here,” Drew said. “Everyone is talking about cookieless and ID-less right now, but we have actually been cookieless and ID-less for over a year now.”

Ogury’s Personified Advertising Engine is built upon an extensive database of consenting user data, collected throughout the first seven years of the company’s life. 

While Ogury stopped collecting consumer data in 2021, it continues to be enriched today through millions of monthly user surveys.

“Surveys as a stand-alone solution is not a solution – anyone can write a question, and anyone can send that question out and hope they get responses,” Drew remarked. “The way we use them is really to validate or enrich what we already know.”

The issue of viewability

VCR is an industry-standard metric that digital advertisers often lean on to measure the success of their video ads. While this is certainly a useful metric, Drew explained how Ogury goes one step further by only providing “fully on-screen” formats that promote the highest possible recall rates.

“Fully on screen is determined by 100% of the pixels fully in view for at least 50% of the duration of the video.” 

“The industry standard for that is somewhere in the 30% range, meaning that you could have 100% VCR, yet only 30% of that video was fully on screen for at least 50% of the duration.” 

“That just doesn’t sound right. When you think about branding campaigns, it’s about I need my ad to be seen, and I really need it to be remembered. The only way someone is actually going to purchase it or do something with it is if they can see it and actually remember it.”

Retention requires attention. The longer an ad retains consumer attention, the more likely they are to recall a brand. By focusing exclusively on fully visible ad formats, Ogury is able to outperform the rest of the market by 2x as validated by MOAT.

Click here to listen to the full podcast.

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