Programmatic Problematic No More: Intelligent Deals from Ogury

Jul 25, 2018

Alexandra Matthews

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Programmatic is now one of the fastest growing marketing channels and has become integral to the digital strategies of marketers the world over. eMarketer estimates that programmatic ad spend will reach $33 billion this year and will hit $46 billion in 2019. But despite its growth and often lauded potential benefits for reach, efficiency, targeting and more, it’s no secret that programmatic can be problematic.

Bad Data = Bad Results

At its core, every programmatic engine is fuelled by data. The effectiveness of any programmatic solution relies entirely on the quality of the data it is fed. As consumers we expect and demand a certain quality of ‘fuel’ when we fill our cars, but as marketers, are we truly confident about the quality of data that powers such a significant part of our marketing spend? Optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence are certainly capable of making far smarter and quicker decisions than even the most skilled marketer. But, if the data that fuels the machine is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, then the technology might be efficient but it’s certainly not effective and will lead to subpar results.

As our expectations and awareness about the quality of data rises, it is becoming more and more apparent that too many marketing technologies within the ever more complex and confusing lumascape of over 6000 vendors, despite their ‘intelligent’ capabilities, are simply being powered by bad data drawn from disjointed fragments of user behavior. IBM estimates bad data costs U.S. businesses $3T per year. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, $611B of that is wasted in marketing spend.

Sadly, programmatic is no exception. It’s nothing to do with the potential of programmatic effectiveness, and everything to do with the data it’s powered by. Not only does it negatively affect billions of dollars of marketing spend, but also results in end users receiving ads that are irrelevant and often annoying. Inaccurate data means that marketing messages are still not personalized, falling short of user expectations; a recent study from Adlucent showed that 71% of respondents preferred ads tailored to their interests.

The fundamental problem is that ads are not optimized to consider the individual nuances of the entire user journey across the mobile web and their apps. It’s this journey that truly highlights the personal nature of mobile, revealing user behaviors, personas, context, habits and more. But most marketers are unable to unlock this powerful data, negatively affecting both user experience and opinions of both the brand targeting them and the publisher serving the ad. In a recent HubSpot study, 84% of polled consumers ‘Strongly Agreed’ or ‘Agreed’ that obnoxious or intrusive ads give a poor opinion of the brands being advertised. When marketing decisions are based on weak data, either manually or programmatically, there is still an element of guesswork that will always be of detriment to effective execution.

Transparency Still Lacking

As more and more marketers move digital spend from managed campaigns to programmatic, many have come to realize that they have lost a lot of control over where their ads are placed. In research carried out by MarTech Today, half of the polled marketers admitted that they believe only 50% or less of their ads were seen by humans rather than bots. The very real threat of fraud has left many questions about best practice unanswered, with some experts now suggesting that up to a third of all paid impressions are fraudulent.

With the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), transparency of both data and inventory is more of a concern to marketers than ever before. Despite the increased awareness and need for clarity, particularly in light of a number of recent high-profile data scandals, demand-side platforms (DSPs) still typically sell segments to buyers. These segments don’t identify individual humans, instead they create black box buckets of users based on similar behaviors, all underlined with assumptions and shrouded with a layer of opacity. In addition, buyers are left in the dark as to who really sees their ads, where they are placed, and have little indication as to the origins and freshness of the data being used for campaigns. This has an immediate effect on the success of the campaign, and on post-campaign intelligence that can be used to assist future planning and strategy.

Programmatic has the potential to positively change the way marketers connect with consumers digitally, but in order to finally deliver on its promise, a different approach is required.

Intelligent Deals from Premium Data

It starts with data. Data that makes sense of the entire mobile user journey in real-time, and has the power to fuel programmatic engines with insight and intelligence beyond what is currently possible. Data that understands and identifies individual humans, and doesn’t rely on broad segments. Data that is GDPR compliant and transparent. This unique premise is the foundation upon which Ogury Intelligent Deals has been built. Although programmatic is not a new marketing discipline, Intelligent Deals is distinct. Architected from the inside out on exclusive, real-time, high-quality user journey data. How?

Since 2014, Ogury has presented mobile users with the ability to give explicit consent to share their journey signals in exchange for relevant and tailored marketing recommendations. These consented signals enable Ogury to generate exclusive data that, coupled with purpose-built AI technology, reveal genuine human behaviors and individual user profiles at scale. Ogury now has access to 400mm GDPR compliant mobile user profiles, and Intelligent Deals is powered by this data. Such peerless level of insight, generated across all app and mobile web usage, makes programmatic targeting and optimization through Ogury Intelligent Deals unlike anything else available. Instead of relying on fragmented or latent input data, Intelligent Deals harnesses the entire mobile journey that users take every day, in real-time, with the intention and power of delivering value to the user.

Data-Enriched Inventory

Intelligent Deals goes beyond just the data itself. There has been broad discussion among marketers about the need to keep media and data separate, to ensure control over each remains independent. Up until now, standard mobile inventory has required additional data in order to optimize programmatically (or manually, for that matter). As a result, the separation from media can make sense.

Intelligent Deals thinks differently by combining media and data. Because Ogury’s SDK is integrated directly into thousands of apps and mobile sites, and every one of the publishers’ users gives consent to share journey signals across every media channel they interact with, media and data are finally able to work cohesively together. Moreover, Ogury’s technology enables visibility of all device signals, not just those generated when ads are served to end users. We call this Ogury’s data-enriched inventory.

Media and data are combined inherently, integrated and threaded together, avoiding transportation to third-party servers. Our algorithms optimize ad placement for every specific user, in real-time, with intelligent consideration of their entire mobile journey and individual behavioral profile. Not only does this make optimization effective, but also enables Ogury to provide clients with advanced campaign reporting and insights that inform planning and strategy moving forward.

What’s more, buyers have complete transparency as to the origin of the data they’re using, and can equally rest assured that it is 100% consented and compliant.

“Ogury has a really unique data offering, and we are very excited to get our first Ogury Intelligent Deals campaign launched.”

Chris Infanzon
Media Activation Manager, Essence/YouTube

Simple to Use, Uniquely Intelligent

While most solutions still require marketers to put in the hours to optimize their programmatic campaigns, Intelligent Deals has been designed to take on all of the heavy lifting. Only initial KPIs, brand domains, and campaign criteria (apps installed/used and websites browsed) are required upfront. Ogury’s proprietary machine learning algorithm takes care of the rest. Understanding and building ideal audience profiles, determining the most relevant campaign targeting, and continuously improving every granular aspect of optimization in real-time. You can then self-serve a deal ID, with the correct targeting and optimization, ready to be used with your DSP of choice.

Intelligent Deals ads are 100% viewable, and skippable, giving choice back to the user for a smoother experience. Ogury’s data-enriched inventory means that only personalized and highly relevant ads are served to users, minimizing the chances of them electing to skip, and boosting positive brand perception.

Multi-layer app safelisting eradicates any potentially harmful apps or viruses, which are then verified by third-party analytics via MOAT. Consequently, Intelligent Deals offers a brand-safe, transparent, fraud-free marketplace, with security layers that are continually refined to ensure any data and inventory processed is safe.

Programmatic, Perfected

Intelligent Deals approaches programmatic in a completely different way. It has been designed from the ground up to address the issues faced by programmatic marketers, offering a highly effective, transparent and labor-reducing solution, all based on exclusive first-party mobile user journey data. Don’t just take our word for it:

Intelligent Deals’ value proposition is very attractive and could enable in-depth and customized targeting to be designed on a large scale in a limited time frame.

Marie Le Guével, CEO, Amnet – Dentsu Aegis Network

“Ogury has a really unique data offering, and we are very excited to get our first Ogury Intelligent Deals campaign launched.”

Chris Infanzon, Media Activation Manager, Essence/YouTube

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