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A user’s time on their mobile device isn’t unlimited. And acquiring new users to your app is extremely costly. After seeing how much time, money, and energy goes into acquiring users, I’m left confused as to why publishers choose to display ads for competitor apps. Think about the last time you played a game on your phone. Did you receive an ad for another game? Chances are, you did. 

These ads direct users away from the environment they’re in, and towards a competitor’s app. This is counterproductive and can cause user churn. 

Having realized that publishers suffer self-sabotaging monetization strategies, Ogury wanted to offer something different. We choose to bring demand exclusively from premium brands, ensuring that publishers not only avoid the revenue-leak caused by churn to competitors, they also access top CPMs and sustained LTV.

With 100 percent of demand from premium brands, the ads that are served by Ogury don’t compete with other publishers, and in turn, are less likely to result in user churn. 

But we don’t believe publishers should only take our word for it. We wanted to prove the effectiveness of our approach. To validate our churn metrics, we sought the help of SOOMLA, the number one leader in mobile monetization measurement.

SOOMLA analyzed Ogury’s data by ad types (rewarded video and interstitials) and GEOs for Android users and compared it to the average churn metrics of all other networks. You can find the results of this analysis in SOOMLA’s case study, and below is a summary.

Case study: Churn metrics verification

US Drilldown

Non-US Drilldown

In three of the four churn rate charts, it is clear that Ogury displays traffic with a low probability to cause user churn. And all of the charts show Ogury’s ability to increase churn yield. This is due to the fact that we partner with premium brands, and only serve users premium content. 

Premium brands only work with ad partners who leverage privacy-compliant data

It’s clear that working with premium brands reduces user churn and increases churn yield. So how can publishers attract these premium brands, and provide users premium experiences? 

Brands can only work with partners who guarantee compliance with regulations such as GDPR. And are thoroughly prepared for impending regulations such as CCPA. Therefore, if you want to display premium brand ads in your apps, you need to partner with companies that ensure data compliance, and that exclusively partner with premium brands.

Ogury Marketing Engine for Publishers is the only demand source that delivers ads exclusively from premium brands, and are privacy compliant by design. This enables publishers to maximize revenue through the lowest user churn rates and top CPMs.

Want to learn more about how this approach could work for you? Reach out at 

Christophe Bize, Chief Publishers, and Strategic Data Partnerships Officer

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