A spotlight on telehealth, CPG and entertainment

Jul 09, 2020

Vanessa Gentile

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Our digital (and physical) behaviors are changing by the week. And even by the day. Some states are lifting lockdown measures, while others are implementing new restrictions. Naturally, this results in changing user behavior. 

In fact, the Global Web Index revealed that users are spending 40% more time on their mobile devices. This is more than any other form of media. The opportunity for marketers to reach users on the device that they use most is huge. Unfortunately, many marketers don’t have visibility into what these behaviors look like, therefore can’t reach users with accurate, timely, and relevant recommendations. 

In order to provide this visibility, Ogury launched our latest event series, titled Ogury Vertical Spotlight Series. This three-part virtual event series revealed key behavioral changes of the mobile user, within specific verticals. 

The verticals we selected were based on insights gleaned from Ogury Active Insights, which shares a unique, reliable understanding of the mobile user and their journey. Ogury Active Insights provides visibility into installed apps, usage of apps, websites browsed, and the demographics of mobile users. After running numerous studies, the verticals we selected to showcase first include: Telehealth, CPG, and Entertainment

Telehealth is on the rise

The adoption of Telehealth services has skyrocketed. And it’ll continue to increase. PwC’s Health Research Institute revealed that 88% of users who used a Telehealth service for the first time after the pandemic said that they would use it again. Ogury has identified a similar trend. Our unique, reliable mobile user data revealed that app possession of various Telehealth apps increased by 75% over the first month after the outbreak alone. 

So what are these users doing on their devices? And how does their behavior differ based on their ailment? Ogury’s healthcare category lead, Nena Slifer shared this information during the event. She also had a virtual fireside chat with Jeffrey Erb, President of McCann Health Engagement. Jeffrey shared his thoughts on the Telehealth space and his advice for healthcare marketers, urging them to “not contribute to the noise.” If you weren’t able to make the event, you can watch the recording on-demand. 

Grocery shoppers have turned to the virtual aisle

As social distancing measures were implemented, Americans began avoiding brick-and-mortar grocery stores. Instead, they turned to online grocery. In fact, Adobe Analytics’ April eCommerce report revealed that online grocery shopping increased by 110%. Not only are people shopping online more, but they’re also spending more. A Business Insider Intelligence report shared that there is an increase of 54% in shopper spend on grocery items.

Ogury’s data reveals similar spikes in adoption. Ogury’s data also reveals which grocers shoppers are turning to, and how the typical “Grocery Shopper” persona has evolved. Our US CRO, Evan Rutchik walked through these findings, as well as many others during this virtual event which was presented by the Ad Club. Evan also had a virtual fireside chat with Jessica McGlory, Head of Growth at Verb Energy. When it comes to succeeding in the cluttered grocery space, Jessica shared that what’s most important is “the quality of the product and a great customer service experience.” If you didn’t catch the live event, you can still watch the on-demand replay. 

America is finding new ways to stay entertained

Despite the lack of physical socializing and live events, Americans are still keeping entertained. How? By streaming. Nielsen shared that there has been a 120% year-on-year increase in total streaming video on demand minutes. Additionally, Netflix shared that their global subscriptions increased by 15.7M accounts last quarter. Ogury’s data reveals that it’s not only streaming apps and sites that users are leveraging to stay entertained. 

Want to know where else they turn? During this virtual event, we share what else users are doing on their mobile device, and we reveal how persona behaviors have shifted over time. We also connected with Yvonne Abt, VP of Media, and Data Strategy at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Yvonne shared that Sony Pictures Entertainment is sifting through its own data to determine whether the shift in media consumption is temporary or permanent. Their findings are that “the increase in mobile media consumption is here to stay.” In case you missed it, you can now watch the virtual event on-demand.

It was no surprise to us that this three-part event series was a hit. As such, we’ve had a lot of requests to run another series. So of course, that is what we are doing. Stay tuned for our next Vertical Spotlight Series where we will showcase market trends and behavioral shifts within three new verticals. Spoiler, the first one is Consumer Electronics. 

If you have any questions or feedback as you watch the on-demand events, feel free to reach out to me directly: laura.chamberlain@ogury.co

Laura Chamberlain, Sr. Marketing Director

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