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The aftershock of Apple’s introduction of the App Tracking Transparency framework was felt throughout the entire AdTech industry. Gabby Fernie at Mobile Marketing was keen to get to the crux of how our industry was responding because “The AdTech business is nothing if not nimble.” And she’s right. There are solutions already out there, and I had the pleasure of sharing how we at Ogury have responded.

I spoke about our Personified Targeting solution, which was launched earlier this year. It’s built for targeting audiences both in-app and on mobile web, without the use of consumer data, identifiers or device graphs. It promises to deliver superior results while 100% respecting consumer privacy.

Personified Targeting can be broken down into a few parts. There’s context and semantic data, which many people do. But, we go a step further by fuelling this with audience data. Our audience data is founded on seven years of proprietary mobile journey data collected from millions of consenting users. Of course, we don’t collect any consumer data today, but we know about these trends in terms of consumption.

The other part is survey data. The data is anonymous, meaning it’s not tied to an individual consumer. Instead, it’s tied to an asset – so a website or an app. From there we can build attributes for the assets. The last data piece is self-targeting audience data, which is very much tied to how consumers are engaging with the ads.

In fact, we have some ad units that are driven by consumer choice, such as Ad Chooser, where we can see which ads consumers were interested in interacting with. So, in a nutshell, we are trying to use the best of what is out there, while leveraging what we’ve done for the past seven years. All we’ve been doing is trying to find the best data set and the best targeting out there and it is inherently cookie-less and ID-less.

That’s the best way to thrive in life after IDFAs.

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