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We are delighted to announce that Ogury’s Thumbnail Ad campaign with BNP Paribas has won a third industry award – the ‘Best new mobile ad format’ at Les Trophées de l’Innovation Publicitaire.

The awards recognize companies using digital innovations for their media and advertising strategy. BNP Paribas’ Thumbnail Ad campaign has also been recognized by the Mobile Marketing Association France and Les Mobiles d’Or

BNP Paribas, a leading bank in Europe, partnered with Havas Media France and Ogury to promote its “My Business Assistant” service to micro and small business owners.

The campaign leveraged Ogury’s proprietary Thumbnail Ad, a picture-in-picture mobile video format that puts the consumer in control of how they consume the ad. The interactivity attracts attention and delivers video performance previously only available via full-screen interstitial. BNP Paribas has, therefore, been able to effectively reach consumers in content-based apps where performant full-screen ads are not available. 

The campaign was a success, achieving 90% viewable video completion rate (V2CR), surpassing the 67% benchmark. V2CR is the most important performance metric for video ads, combining both video completion rate (VCR) and viewability.

A big thank you to BNP Paribas for their partnership, and to the Ogurians – who created and deployed the Thumbnail Ad format – for their work on making this success possible.

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