Unethical practices are out; Consumer consent is in

Jul 23, 2020

Vanessa Gentile

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Digital advertising is undergoing a fundamental transformation. It’s moving into an era of integrity, built on a foundation of trust. User trust is a competitive advantage and a pathway to sustainable business growth.

It is imperative to ensure the media upon which your ads are shown is brand safe, but you must also ensure the data you use for advertising is safe. In this post on Tech Crunch, “Unethical practices are out; Consumer consent is in” you will learn:

  • The key to ensure data safety for your business
  • Three major steps on how to prevent the spread of toxic data

User data is important to serve more relevant, customized ads, but at the same time, user data is very personal. Therefore, users need to be given the choice and control over which data they are willing to share or not and for which purposes. Failing to do that, brands will destroy user trust and eventually their business.

Thomas Pasquet, CEO, Ogury

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