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As advertisers, we sometimes get tunnel vision when it comes to our video campaigns. Was the Video Completion Rate above goal? Check, and move on. 

But there’s more to the story. Measuring VCR without simultaneously considering Viewability gives an incomplete picture of campaign success. In fact, if you fail to consider viewability, you are likely wasting your advertising dollars on “completed” videos that are never seen by the user. 

“But!” You might say. “Measuring viewability on mobile in-app is a total nightmare. VCR is all I have to rely on!” It’s true that for far too long, limitations to viewability measurement in-app have led to an over-reliance on VCR.

Luckily for all of us, the IAB has released the Open Measurement SDK, which makes measuring Viewability easy and standard across mobile in-app inventory.  Here at Ogury, we have integrated the IAB’s Open Measurement SDK directly into our own, making our inventory OMID compliant and viewability of our video campaigns 100% measurable. Now that you can always have a picture of viewability in-app, it should always be considered.

At Ogury, to measure the real impact of video ads, we report on the Viewable Video Completion Rate, or V2CR, for every campaign. It is calculated by multiplying Viewability x Video Completion Rate. Measuring campaigns by this metric tells the full story of video campaign success. 

Viewability * VCR = Viewable Video Completion Rate = VVCR = V2CR.
For example, a viewability of 90% and a VCR of 75% makes a V2CR of 67%.

A simple multiplication of two existing metrics. When combined, they create a new metric that allows an automated measure of video ad campaign effectiveness: the completion rate of visible videos. 

We’re not the only ones that consider viewability measurement to be essential for video campaigns. According to Michael Tuminello, VP of Product at Integral Ad Science:

“IAS recently added “In-View Quartiles” enabled by the OM SDK to our Custom Report Builder in order to provide transparency into the intersection of the two most important video KPIs: viewability and completion rate. With In-View Completion Rate, advertisers can see the full picture of video ad campaign performance across screens. In many markets, mobile is a primary platform for consuming video, and IAS is focused on supporting the convergence of video measurement across all devices.”

In evaluating video performance, Ogury mobile branding campaigns standardly drive 67% Viewable Video Completion Rate – an industry-leading figure based on a combination of high-impact, viewable placements served to relevant, engaged users that complete the ad. 

As advertisers, it is essential to make informed business decisions, based on reliable data – data that reflects reality. Now’s a good time to ask your other partners – what’s their average campaign Viewable Video Completion Rate (V2CR), and why? Are those completed views coming from ads that are actually being viewed? With that new metric in your pocket, you just might be empowered to make some better decisions for your brand.

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