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Safeguarding your investment with Fraud Prevention, Data Safety and Brand Safety

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In an AdTech ecosystem rampant with toxic data, questionable content and fraud, it’s not enough to meet minimum standards. Ogury goes further than the rest by offering the highest performance while respecting user privacy, with fraud prevention technology that serves ads to humans in safe environments.

<1% Invalid traffic

100% User privacy

>99% Brand safety

Ogury inventory quality as measured by third-party verification vendors

MOAT by Oracle Data CloudIAS Integral Ad ScienceDoubleVerify

Fraud prevention

Ad fraud is the practice of fraudulently representing online advertising impressions, clicks or data events to generate revenue. It costs advertisers billions each year. Reporting on post-impression fraud is a start, but pre-bid detection and avoidance protects your brand dollars and ensures your impressions are delivered to real consumers.

IAB Transparency measures

Ogury supports IAB’s transparency initiatives of App-Ads.txt, Ads.txt and Sellers.json, and uses these measures for verified inventory.

Pre-bid fraud avoidance

Applied to every impression by default. IAS & DoubleVerify’s solution detects and avoids all types of fraud pre-bid, proactively safeguarding your dollars and guaranteeing <1% fraud against IAS & DoubleVerify measurement.

TAG Fraud-free certification

Ogury campaigns are protected against invalid traffic and are audited to meet TAG guidelines.

<1% invalid traffic

These measures result in <1% invalid traffic, as measured across verification partners.

Data safety

Without assessing the data used for campaigns, advertisers may unknowingly target consumers with toxic data. This puts brands at legal and reputational risk, creating distrust with consumers and compliance issues with GDPR, CCPA and other privacy legislation.

100% user privacy

Brand Safety

Brand safety requires careful placement of ads in trusted environments so that they do not show alongside sensitive or inappropriate content.

  • Direct publisher integrations (no intermediaries) with manual vetting to ensure appropriate content for our advertisers.
  • Only Apple App Store and Google Play Store apps are considered for ad placement.
  • Brand Safety and Suitability measures include:

Standard Brand Safety
(sex, terrorism...)

Topical Control
(pandemics, natural disasters...)

Verticalized Control
(finance, automotive...)

Brand Specific Control

Control Avoidance

Control Targeting

>99% Brand Safety

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