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Bayer and its media agency, Mediacom, partnered with Ogury to raise brand awareness and perception. Our reliable mobile data, combined with our user-focused formats and delivery methods, enabled Bayer to identify and reach potential consumers. Learn more about the campaign below.


A growing and aging world population requires an adequate supply of food and improved medical care. With life expectancy continuing to rise, Bayer improves the quality of life for a growing population by focusing its research and development activities on preventing, alleviating, and treating diseases. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical and life sciences space has become increasingly cluttered due to the rise in illnesses. Bayer needed to raise its brand awareness and increase brand perception in order to provide value to its consumers and ultimately create a better life for them.


To raise awareness and perception, Bayer and its media agency, Mediacom, partnered with Ogury. The campaign was fueled by unique, reliable mobile user and behavior data drawn with traceable and trusted consent.

Once these users were identified and messaged, Ogury’s proprietary optimization algorithms scaled the campaign’s reach based on performance criteria, to find further users with similar affinities across the US. The Brand Exclusive Video Chooser was employed to present the users with a choice of which ad they would like to see. This proprietary ad delivery method is an interstitial that precedes the video, showing previews of three different Bayer videos. The user selected their preferred ad, then was shown the video of their choosing, meaning the final step of ad personalization was made by the user themselves. Engaging and interacting with ads by making a choice has been proven to drive a 300% lift in ad recall by promoting memorability.


This campaign drove strong results and achieved Bayer’s objectives. The campaign delivered a VCR of 84.8% and a viewability rate of 95%. By multiplying viewability with VCR, the campaign delivered a V2CR of 80%, which is above Ogury’s benchmark. In addition to these results, the campaign also achieved a CTR of 4.2% which is above industry standard.

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