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Bose, a market-leading premium audio equipment company, needed help discovering a new audience for the European launch of Sleepbuds. As a new product line for the company, Bose required a technology partner that could effectively uncover consumers who would most benefit from its sleep-enhancing solution while also respecting user privacy laws such as GDPR.

Bose worked with Ogury to identify and attract its ideal users and recorded breakthrough results with CPC and video mobile campaigns inspired by these insights.


Sleepbuds are an in-ear solution designed to aid those who suffer from poor quality sleep by masking unwanted outside sounds with white noise and other soothing audio signals. Bose was entering unfamiliar territory by introducing a new product line and needed to effectively identify and attract consumers who would most benefit from its sleep-enhancing solution. Additionally, Bose had to ensure that any technology partner it worked with would be able to deliver mobile data-fueled campaigns in compliance with privacy legislation such as GDPR.


Through Ogury’s User Engagement solution, existing users were cross-referenced with the audiences of sleep-related apps, anti-snoring websites, and more to build a comprehensive user profile. Ogury revealed affinities for these sleep-related issues and that users were 2.5 times as likely to own travel apps compared to the average. Creative campaigns inspired by these insights were shown to users across Europe. Targeting was continuously refined using Ogury’s User Affinity Engine to ensure Bose’s ideal audience was identified and attracted.


By studying the mobile user journeys of Sleepbuds’ ideal users, Ogury was able to deliver breakthrough campaign results across all territories. An average VTR of 1.73 times higher than industry standards was achieved in video campaigns, with over 1 million completed views. The CPC campaigns registered an average CTR of 7.81 times higher than industry standards, with an average re-engagement rate of 20.46% through Ogury’s unique bookmark feature.

Ogury’s User Engagement has enabled us to filter through the noise and uncover the passion points of our ideal users. The Ogury methodology has empowered us to identify those consumers who would most benefit from Sleepbuds, with the subsequent campaigns producing outstanding results.

Jorma Kremser
Global Media Manager, Bose Corporation

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