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Cordaid is an international values-based emergency relief and development organization. Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, Cordaid wanted to create a mobile advertising campaign that raised awareness of its message and encouraged mobile users to engage with a challenge based on Cordaid’s mission: Taking care of others. The challenge, designed by Cordaid, aimed to build long-lasting relationships with these mobile users. To achieve this, they needed a technology partner that could first, identify mobile users who were most likely to become donors, and secondly, reach them with an educational message that would drive qualified traffic to their registration page.

Together with Storm, part of Accenture, they partnered with Ogury to develop a two-phase mobile campaign. Ogury’s activation strategy drove qualified traffic to Cordaid’s registration page and provided powerful insights on their ideal audience profiles, which helped to inform their future advertising strategy.


For more than 100 years, Cordaid has been helping people who need it most. With the Coronavirus affecting people worldwide, donations are needed now more than ever. Hence, Cordaid wanted to run an awareness and lead generation campaign on mobile to inspire their key audiences to support others. To achieve this, they needed an advertising technology solution that would enable them to understand their key audiences’ profile and mobile behavior beyond their own website and reach them in a data-safe environment through engaging mobile ad formats.


Fueled by unique and reliable mobile data insights, Ogury enabled Cordaid to identify its main target audience of potential donors and reach them with a two-phase mobile advertising campaign. First, users were engaged with an innovative video ad format that drove awareness of the cause. Second, these users were shown a static ad format, encouraging them to participate in a five-day challenge to take care of others. Ogury continued to give Cordaid valuable insights after the campaign ended, through its post-campaign personas, which helped to inform their future mobile and targeting strategy.


The mobile video campaign achieved 78.2% Full-creative VCR, surpassing Ogury’s own benchmarks of 67%. The display ad format also scored a 6.2% CTR and an average time spent on the landing page of 168 seconds, demonstrating strong user engagement with the brand’s key message. Finally, the post-campaign personas helped the brand to refine its mobile activation strategy by identifying the most engaged audiences – based on demographics and interests.

We are very happy with the strategy deployed with Ogury and the results we achieved. We now have at our disposal extra key insights about a specific part of our audience that we would never have been able to access without their technology, Ogury Active Insights.

Stefanie Goddijn
Senior Online Strategist at Cordaid (Netherlands)

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