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Of all the players we called on for this campaign, Ogury was the one that gave us the highest performance. The indicator developed by Ogury allows us to measure the real impact of our digital videos. Because a high completion rate without visibility does not allow us to really reach our branding objectives.

Céliane Grevy
Marketing & Digital Acquisition Manager, MINI France


Advertisers have understood that mobile, unlike television or shared computers, allows them to reach consumers on the most personal medium available. However, brands are still struggling to measure the real impact of a video campaign on mobile. In addition, they need to ensure that their video message does not interrupt the reading of a mobile site page or the navigation on an application.


This is why Ogury has created a format that combines total visibility with respect for the user experience. The automotive brand MINI, in partnership with Amplifi, used it to promote the Clubman Canonbury edition, a vehicle particularly suited to young couples, parents with one or two children and mainly city dwellers.

  • Less intrusive advertising
In a world where everyone is constantly in front of their smartphone screen, it is important to design ads that do not distract users from the app or site they are visiting. To broadcast this campaign to a target group of 25 to 49 year olds, Ogury used its Thumbnail Ad mobile video format. This Picture in Picture format puts the control of the ad in the hands of the user. It allows the user to continue browsing through an application, while viewing the MINI video in the corner of the page, and to move, enlarge or close the ad at will. This approach is much less intrusive than traditional formats, which interrupt the user’s reading of content or browsing.

Using Ogury’s proprietary Brand Exclusive Video Chooser, consumers within the qualified audience were given a choice of three Kia EV6 ads to watch. This self-targeting experience helped to boost memorability and enabled Kia to understand which ad had the most traction among its target audience through engagement, ad recall and completion rate.

  • Beyond traditional standards of visibility

Digital video is an extremely powerful format, but there’s almost no impact if the video is displayed only partially or outside the screen. However, it often happens that the ad continues after the user has scrolled down the page. Measuring the video completion rate (VCR) alone is therefore misleading.

To make matters worse, industry standards consider viewed ads that are only partially visible to the mobile user. If at least 50% of the surface of a video ad is displayed on the screen for two seconds, it will tick the “viewability” box. But in reality, the user could simply blink and miss the message…


Aware of these pitfalls, Ogury has developed ad formats that are throughout the whole video. As part of a two-year collaboration between the car brand and Ogury, this campaign enabled MINI to achieve a 77% visible video completion rate, based on an 81% completion rate and a 95% viewability rate. Better still, the campaign achieved a 68% target coverage rate among 25/49 year olds. Goal achieved.

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