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McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest restaurant chains, with over 38,000 branches worldwide. During the pandemic, McDonald’s created a new advertising strategy focused on three key pillars: the promotion of the McDonald’s app, its menus and offers, and food delivery service.

McDonald’s, together with media agency OMD Italy, partnered with Ogury to realize this mobile advertising strategy – reaching and engaging its ideal customer base for each campaign, in a brand-safe and data-safe environment.


McDonald’s wanted to use its mobile advertising strategy to stay top of mind and relevant to its customers, reassuring them that, despite the circumstances, Italian restaurants were open and safety measures were in place to protect their employees. Therefore, McDonald’s needed a campaign to promote its app, its menu, offers and delivery services (McDrive and McDelivery). McDonald’s chose Ogury as a tech partner to run a series of CPC campaigns during the first quarter of the year to generate qualified traffic and high levels of app engagement. 


McDonald’s and OMD chose Ogury to deliver nine campaigns from January to March 2021. Using Ogury Advertising Engine, fueled by unique and safe mobile user data, McDonald’s was able to identify and reach its ideal audience for each campaign. Ogury built a precise targeting matrix according to each campaign’s goal (driving awareness or consideration). The algorithm optimizes every campaign, automatically learning and understanding who the most interested users are with a look-a-like strategy. 


Ogury delivered relevant ads in a brand-safe and fraud-free environment and achieved outstanding results. With a strong understanding of the brand’s ideal audience and a user-focused approach, the campaigns achieved an average of 10.2% CTR, 41% over the benchmark. It also recorded an overall average viewability of 91%, 99% in brand safety and 0.1% invalid traffic. 

We often select Ogury for its ability to pinpoint the required audience with precision, according to each campaign and the strategy of the moment. Thanks to Ogury Advertising Engine, we are impacting the right audience by improving the user’s advertising experience and far exceeding the set objectives. 

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