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Planet Media is a French web publisher producing content related to news, lifestyle and health. It wanted to increase its mobile ad revenue, feature well-known brands on its platform and diversify its format portfolio. Ogury presented Planet Media with the opportunity to diversify its ad format portfolio, helping the publisher boost its eCPM. Among various formats, Ogury gave Planet Media access to its proprietary video ad format: Thumbnail Ad. With its Premium
Demand, Ogury also offered access to a network of recognizable brands, granting Planet Media access to revenue optimization. Using the tools provided by Ogury, Planet Media was able to unlock new revenue streams and strengthen existing ones.


Ogury helped Planet Media to increase its mobile ad revenue thanks to its premium demand from more than 1,150 top brands globally. Using a dedicated team and personalized support, Ogury mobilized its resources to deliver quick and optimized results.

By implementing VCR tests to measure the effectiveness of its advertising, they were able to determine the best format mix. The main thrust of the campaign was Ogury’s proprietary video ad format, Thumbnail Ad, which allowed Planet Media to deliver a brand new and innovative mobile ad format to its mobile users and unlock a new revenue stream.


The results of Ogury’s integration were quick to come, with a 26% increase in eCPM in a single month, as they
swiftly became one of Planet Media’s top-performing partners. With Ogury besting their competition and pushing ahead of them in terms of CPM, priority in mediation was given to their premium demand. Planet Media’s ad revenue rose by 7% by the new and compelling Thumbnail video ad format and known brands that were being displayed, providing value to both the publisher and their readers.

Ogury is one of our best performing monetization partners. Their team delivers a seamless service tailored to our needs. They are one of the few technology partners that can deliver a superior advertising experience through their proprietary format, Thumbnail Ad, while optimizing our advertising revenue with their premium demand.

Maximilien Chikhtahar
Programmatic Manager, Planet Media

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