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Ralph Lauren, a global leader in premium lifestyle products, wanted to better understand the key characteristics and passion points of its customers. Understanding and activating Ogury insights enabled Ralph Lauren to implement a successful mobile strategy that increased both mobile site visits and brand awareness. Read on to learn the full results.


For over five decades, Ralph Lauren has been a global leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products. The consistent evolution of Ralph Lauren’s image requires on-going development of its target consumers. However, on mobile, the company was limited to insights from user behavior within its own apps and sites. Ralph Lauren needed to overcome this data gap, and understand what users were doing on their mobile phone outside of Ralph Lauren’s own ecosystem. 


To determine who Ralph Lauren should be attracting, they leveraged Ogury’s Active Insights to create several studies on mobile users who visited the Ralph Lauren mobile site and app. These studies revealed that: 

  • Visitors to the Ralph Lauren mobile site also frequented particular high-end competitor sites, and engaged with the jewelry and cosmetics category. Ogury created an interception strategy based on these affinity audiences. 
  • Mobile site visitors had a shared audience with Ralph Lauren distributors, such as Zalando and Galeries Lafayette. Ogury re-engaged visitors from Ralph Lauren’s site who also used distributor apps. 
  • Users who owned the Galeries Lafayette app over-indexed on the use of shopping, travel and fashion apps. Ogury proposed that Ralph Lauren invest in these categories that characterize the audience of Galeries Lafayette, a Ralph Lauren distributor.

Following these learnings, Ogury created a bespoke targeting profile based on a strong interception strategy and scaled it across France, UK and Germany. Ogury’s AI-powered User Affinity Engine then continuously learned, refined and expanded the criteria of users who were attracted to Ralph Lauren’s brand and engaged with the campaign.


This campaign was launched in two simultaneous waves, both with different objectives and creatives. The first of these was brand awareness, as measured through video completions. This was successfully achieved, with a VTR of 81.1%. The second objective of increased mobile site traffic was achieved via static assets, with a Click-ThroughRate (CTR) of 14.2% across the three territories.

Through partnering with Ogury, we are able to discover unique insights about our users’ behavior across mobile apps and websites. Due to Ogury’s ability to reveal the entire mobile user journey, we achieved our objective of driving continued quality brand awareness of Ralph Lauren. 

Alicia Castellana
Digital Media Senior Manager EMEA, Ralph Lauren

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